Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I've noticed that I'm really attracted to all of the gorgeous tribal-inspired patterns I've been seeing everywhere. Sometimes trends can become kind of tiresome and "overdone," but there's such variation in these different prints and the colors tend to be really rich and unusual. A lot of the pieces I've seen are actually quite timeless, I think.

When I was in high school I traveled to Peru with my school's Spanish club and sometimes a certain modern tribal print will remind me of the alpaca wool rugs, hats, scarves, and fabrics we saw in the shops and markets in both the cities and in the countryside during that trip. Perhaps that's partly why I'm loving this trend, because it brings back memories of Peru.

I thought it would be fun to gather up some of my favorite tribal pieces to share with you today. What do you think?










  1. Katie @ Loverly SheJuly 23, 2013 at 1:28 PM

    Love all of these! I am noticing that the tribal cardigan ships to Canada... tempting :)

  2. I love all of these picks!! The blanket (number 2) is my favorite :)

  3. I love that blanket too, and it's vintage which is always special.

  4. I love the colors and patterns of indigenous Peruvian designs! When we were there a while back I wanted to scoop up all of the wool hats I could find. I'm especially loving #3, the Urban Outfitters rug. These are all so fun!

  5. That's neat that you've been to Peru also. It's a really fascinating place. And I scooped up a few wool hats and rugs myself while we were there!

  6. I love the rugs and that pillow! honestly I'm not sure I'm brave enough to wear tribal prints - but those shoes might convince me otherwise...

  7. Aren't those shoes awesome?? And they're on sale (not that that means much...they're Vera Wang after all!)


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