Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hats And Sunscreen

I really try hard to protect my skin from the harsh summer sun, specially the delicate, more sensitive skin on my face. A little vitamin D is actually good for you, but I think that skin cancer, sun spots, and premature wrinkles are more important considerations. I once heard that 15 minutes of exposure to the sun each day (sans SPF) can be healthy, but any more than that is not a great idea.

The two biggest ways I protect my skin are by wearing hats and by using skincare products with mineral sunscreens in them.

I love Clinique's City Block Sheer SPF 25. It has a very slight tint to it which is nice and it doesn't have any harsh chemical sunscreens. It's also packed with antioxidants like vitamins C and E and helps to wick away moisture on hot summer days. I use it both alone, on days I'm not wearing any other makeup, or as a primer for the next product I'm about to show you.

This Too Faced Beauty Balm (or BB Cream) is relatively new for me. It also has only mineral sunscreens (SPF 20) and contains antioxidants like vitamins A and E and other skin-soothing ingredients. It's light and blends quite well and I think it looks really natural. 

I've become a huge fan of sun hats in recent years. I think I used to think sun hats were very un-stylish but I've completely changed my mind. Now I think they're classic and cute, and I don't mind putting one on to spend an hour at the pool. They're great because they also protect your shoulders and the back of your neck, areas that tend to get a lot of sun when you're outside.

I snapped this last week before heading to the pool.

Beach photo from a few years ago.

I didn't buy this orange hat that I found in 2009 at Eastern Market, but I wish I had!

A slightly less fashionable hat that I've been wearing lately is my (husband's) Notre Dame cap. I wear this when I'm going on a walk outside in the morning, before I've showered and put on my SPF. It's obviously more "sporty" than a sun hat and works well to keep my face protected while I'm getting some exercise.

In addition to trying to stay in the shade as much as possible, these are my tips for summer skin protection. If you have anything to add I'd love to hear!


  1. I carry a spray can of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunscreen in my purse all summer. It isn't greasy or nasty smelling, and it's easy to whip it out when I find myself unexpectedly outdoors!

  2. Greasy sunscreen is the worst!! This is a good idea. I've never tried spray sunscreen but it might be worth a try, especially for pool days! :)

  3. This is where you and I really differ. I KNOW I should be better about the staying out of the sun business. BUT.... I just love the way I look with a tan. More alive, in better shape, oh, I do love it.
    I had a good tan going before I started this job. Just some coloring. It's allllll gone now. But I do use sunscreen (90% of the time) and I am careful (especially compared to how I used to be).
    I need to invest in a hat.

  4. Invest in a hat! You'd look so cute wearing one!

    I agree that a little tan looks awesome. I used to love getting a tan in high school, and it's totally nice to have that glow. I think I might have mentioned this to you before but my mother-in-law's skin is what really convinced me to start staying out of the sun. It's pristine and so young-looking and it's because she decided at 21 to start really protecting her face. But as long as you use sunscreen, that really is the most important thing, I think!

  5. Thanks for the compliment, Kate... It was really my husband's concerns about skin cancer that made me stop sunbathing like crazy and start really protecting my skin... 33 years later... I'm really glad he was ahead of his time...

  6. Seriously! You're totally my role model...I want my skin to be as healthy and beautiful as yours in 33 years! :)

  7. I'm really good about sunscreen, but I'm bad about staying out of the sun. I should be more careful, I know.

    you ROCK the hat look!

  8. Well thank you! It took some years to work up the courage to wear those big sun hats but now I can't get enough!

    I think sunscreen really is the most important thing :)


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