About Me

Thanks for visiting Something Ivory! My name is Kate and, as you will see if you stick around, this blog is about many things. My first and second posts describe some of who I am and what I write about, but here's a little taste. I'm a classical pianist, I'm a lover of food and an enthusiastic home cook, I love thrift stores and antiques and design and decorating, I have lots of thoughts on modern womanhood, and I absolutely love nesting. I'm a wife to a wonderful man and I'm a serious Christian.

I adore beauty and I try to seek out truth, and I am a fierce loyalist to anything ivory.

If you are an artist or love art, if you are newly married or have been married for years, if you love to cook with fresh ingredients and a creative spirit, if you are more proud of your thrift store finds than your department store finds, I hope you will visit often.


  1. Just found your blog and love it! You have some wonderful recipes I can't wait to try!

  2. Read a piece you wrote about the Beauty of Waiting on Mercatornet. It was, it is wonderful.God bless you. Will visit this blog often to tap from your knowledge.

  3. Kate it seems like we've got lots in common. I love art and drawing and designing are some of my hobbies. I've currently found someone to put me through painting on canvas. I also love music although I can only play a few notes on the key board but I love to sing, dance and listen to classical music.

    There are still lots but will keep them for another time!

  4. Love your blog--so classy and beautiful!

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