Thursday, July 12, 2012

Here I Am

My husband is making me sit down to write. Which somehow sounds bad, or wrong, like his hand is forcing mine. But I love him for it, and for all of the other times he’s nudged me toward something good but a little unknown.

I love to write, and have done a fair amount of it. But I think what is more important to me right now than my enjoyment of writing is the fact that I have ideas swirling around in my head that make the most sense when they are organized into words. Words that (hopefully) flow into each other and sound beautiful together (I’ve always thought that good writing, no matter what the genre, is poetic and even musical) but that ultimately give meaning to the jumble of thoughts and opinions I have going on in me.

Because of my too-conscientious spirit, and my impulse to plan and plan some more (which has thankfully been diminishing since I became an Army wife) I’ve been resisting starting a blog. I was worried that all the things I wanted to write about did not fall under one tidy category, yet I did not want to start a blog about one single topic. I feel that I have something to say about a lot of things but don’t those things all have to link together somehow, like a college term paper?

Well, that’s the beauty of a blog. It’s supposed to be free and creative. And compelling and organized too, but I guess I’ve reached the conclusion that a blog should reflect the individual mind and heart behind it, and that its posts do not necessarily need to fit into a neat and tidy package.

As my dad, a writer, has always said to me, “Writing is something you just have to do. Find something worth writing about, and then write about it well.” This is what this blog is about. Finding things in life that I think are beautiful, or truthful, or quirky or inspiring, and doing my best to write about them well.


  1. Hi Kate!!! I stumbled across your blog today from reading my tea leaves and am having a perfectly loving time reading it with a cup of tea. Nice to 'meet' you! Viv

  2. Hi Viv! This is such a kind comment. I'm so glad you're here. Also, reading my blog with a cup of tea beside you is EXACTLY the way I would wish everyone to do it. Well done. :)


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