Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Currently: Volume 21

Today's Sunday Currently will have to be quick, because my husband and I are about to head to the park for an afternoon walk. It's been raining for the past five days, and while it looks a little overcast right now the rain has held off so far today, so we're going to soak up the chance to get some fresh air. We had an absolutely amazing couple of days with my little brother. We loved showing him our town, hanging out and catching up on life, and eating lots of great food. More on all of that later.

Reading The Smart One by Jennifer Close, and about to start reading this with my mom.

Writing this post, of course, and an introduction to a special guest post that will be up tomorrow. Be sure to check in! You'll love it.

Listening to the washer and dryer.

Thinking about how amazing it is that my husband and I have been married for a year and a half already (as of June 30). So very thankful.

Smelling (and munching on) the delicious chocolate-covered cherries that my brother got on his recent trip to Seattle and brought back for us. What an awesome gift!

Wishing all of our family was closer. That's a (hopefully short-term) goal of ours.

Hoping for a great afternoon walk around the park. I love how refreshed I feel after a good, long walk.

Drinking jasmine tea.

Wearing linen capris that I got ages ago (they're so comfortable!) and a charcoal-grey "boyfriend tee" from Target.

Loving seeing how much my brother has changed and grown up in the last year. College suits him!

Wanting to play some Schubert later this afternoon.

Needing to keep finding new blogs to read. I follow so many great ones that I love checking out each day, but I know there are always new ones to discover and I'd like to spend some time this week finding them.

Feeling happy and excited and calm and at peace about our future.

Clicking on other Sunday Currently posts!

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  1. If you find any new blogs you enjoy, please share! I'm interested in a few new ones as well. I hope you had a great afternoon walk :)

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!!
    I hear you about being closer to family. We just got back to VA after a 2 week trip to MD and it was so nice to leisurly visit with all our friends/family.

  3. I love finding lesser-known blogs to follow! That was one of the things I enjoyed about the giant Blog Every Day in May challenge... It made it so easy to just click around and see what came up. Do report back with any good finds!

  4. I hope you had a fantastic visit, I know you were really looking forward to it.

  5. I know, finding new blogs is such a thrill, and it's the best when you can actually get to know the blogger and start a friendship of sorts! I will definitely be reporting back! :)

  6. I've been wanting a new book recommendation and the latter sounds absolutely intriguing. Also, realized you share an anniversary with my best friend (day and year). It was a wonderful day to get married :)

  7. The book sounds amazing, doesn't it? You'll have to let me know if/when you read it! And so sweet about your best friend sharing an anniversary date with us! We loved our December wedding so very much :)

  8. We had a great time! Longest trip in a long time for me (2 weeks) and I'm usually 2-4 days and I'm ready to go home. It was so nice to spend time w/ my friend and stand next to her on her wedding day. It was great!

  9. Happy anniversary! And how lovely that you get to have your brother in town so you can all celebrate together. That seems like one of the biggest joys of getting married - you gain this whole new family! When we talk about where we'll live in the future, the conversations always end up either near my family or Jon's - he'd love to live in San Francisco for a while, but that 3000 miles away from mine and almost 7000 from his! No way.

  10. Thank you, that means a lot. It is really hard, but it's also taught us that we can be anywhere as long as we have each other. Obviously, the goal is to be close to both of our families. I hope we can both have that ASAP!


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