Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Currently: Volume 23

Reading lots of articles online, mostly. I have yet to start a new book!

Writing an essay--and that's all I'll say about that.

Listening to this beautiful song I discovered yesterday. Give it a listen--it's lovely. Also, the rain dripping down outside.

Thinking about going to this event in October in Montgomery. It's being organized by Layla of The Lettered Cottage (you have to stop by her blog if you don't already know it!) and it seems like it will be really fun.

Smelling the fresh linen candle I have burning. Candles and rain just go together, don't you think?

Wishing for more weekends like this one. It was just about perfect. My husband and I didn't do too much other than run errands together and have lots of great chit chats at home, but it felt just right.

Hoping for cooler weather! You know the heatwave that has struck the Northeast? Well, our entire summer here in the South is just one long heatwave. It really makes it hard to enjoy the great outdoors! I did have a lovely dip in our neighborhood pool this week so there are ways to cool off, and we're lucky to have pool access included in our rent.

Drinking jasmine green tea in my favorite tea cup.

Wearing my polka-dotted chambray shirt and my hair in a bun with a headband. I'm going casual this afternoon, if you couldn't tell!

Loving our tradition of listening to a Tim Keller sermon each week on Sunday nights as we eat dinner.

Wanting a certain piece I discovered last week in a local antique shop. I brought my husband to the shop to show it to him this weekend, and I think we'll be going back on Friday when the shop is having a sale. I'll be posting about it for sure!

Needing a pedicure, or maybe just needing to paint my own toes. I try to save pedicures for special occasions when I'm really in need of some pampering!

Feeling relaxed and productive this weekend. Sometimes that's a hard combination to strike so I'm feeling great about it. 

Clicking on some reviews of this movie. I think we may watch it later today.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. I haven't watched The Queen, but Helen Mirren is wonderful. It's been sitting in my Netflix queue for a while, so perhaps I should get on that... I think our DC heatwave has finally broken, as I'm currently feeling the most lovely breeze come in through our kitchen window. I love summer, but I like to be able to step outside without the heat (really the humidity) making it unbearable. Thank goodness for pools!

  2. I went back and reread my senior thesis today, and wanted desperately to write something again that requires research and footnotes. I hope you share your essay!

    love summer rain because it feels like it's the only time you're allowed to have tea during the hot months, and I miss tea.

  3. The best part of it was definitely Helen Mirren. The story line is a little slow but it's worth watching because of her I think.

    And I so agree! Isn't the point of summer to enjoy the outdoors? I really hate when the heat/humidity makes that impossible.

  4. You should!! My essay is for a hopefully I'll be posting about it again :) And it's true. I love drinking tea during afternoon thunderstorms.

    I LOVED Helen Mirren in The Queen but I didn't totally love the storyline they decided to tell in the movie. I thought it was very well-done and like I said, Mirren was astonishing. I suppose the subject was just a little grim, did you think?


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