Monday, March 10, 2014

Trip In Photos

Setting up for dinner with friends at our Airbnb. 

A "small world" experience I had with the owner of a house we looked at.

A fuzzy photo of our dinner with my parents, who came down to treat us to some good food and house-shopping wisdom. We're so glad they made the trip!

My dad fearlessly climbing onto the roof of a house we looked at. He has years of experience in old houses and we were so happy to have his expert opinion.

Yup, that's a potbelly pig in the front yard. This was NOT a house we looked at, just a hilarious, weird thing I had to capture on camera.

I never knew I loved mountains so much. 

On the way home we picked up this vintage brass bed in Birmingham. A Craigslist steal!

Not pictured: 

My beautiful, kind, lovely sister-in-law and our wonderful girl-talk and Prosecco date. I love her, and love that she's my sister and my friend for life.

My spunky mother-in-law who helped us house-shop and who doesn't mind peeking into windows and backyards and who gives so generously of her time and energy.


The incredible laughing fit my mom and I fell into as we were trying to decide what to get for dessert. Tears were streaming, our men didn't get it, and the waitress thought we were crazy.


The 3 or 4 other dinner dates with our good friends who have welcomed us with open arms into their city, which will soon be our city too.


My partner in crime, who drove the whole way there and whole way back and listened to books on tape with me and let me rest my eyes in the passenger seat when I got sleepy. He is the best part of this whole new adventure. 


  1. sounds like a wonderful trip! Hope your house hunting went well and that you find something soon. {Is it wrong that I'm trying to figure out where you're moving? Somewhere with snow... within driving distance... hmm... I guess we will just have to wait and see :)}

  2. Oh, this trip sounds just perfect. I love that your parents helped you house hunt. We did it 75% alone, and I wish we'd had my dad there more of the time for those roof checking experiences. I'm hoping things pan out here real soon for you guys!!!

  3. What a fantastic trip! Glad you are making the most of and enjoying this experience! And those mountains! I've always wanted to move to a place where I could see mountains. You can see them from quite a distance too and I find that so reassuring, so grounding...Definitely an awesome thing!

  4. Katie @ Loverly SheMarch 10, 2014 at 4:11 PM

    It looks like a wonderful time! Excited for you!! x

  5. It's getting to the point where I feel so mean for not telling yet! I really wish I felt comfortable sharing already, and soon enough I'll be able to. Your detective skills are looking good! You've got some clues.... :)

  6. Thank you sweet friend :) What would I do without you to cheer us on?!

  7. You're so right, grounding is a great word for it. Those mountains are breathtaking. Can't wait to live near them :)


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