Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Packing Tip

I'm starting to pack up our townhouse for our move to ???? (I know, it's getting to the point where I feel mean for not saying) and I have a simple but super helpful--at least I think so--packing tip to share.

It's twofold actually. Start early, and pack in layers.

We don't have a firm move date yet, otherwise I'd be shouting it from the rooftops and certainly from the pages of Something Ivory. But that doesn't mean that I should procrastinate on the packing because really, that will just add to the stress. So I pack in layers. (And maybe everyone does this, so forgive me if this isn't news.)

Instead of packing room by room in a flurry, I start with the things that I know we won't need over the next few weeks or months, things that are more decorative or that I don't use on a daily basis. Things like vases and pretty jars--one box. All of our books--I've packed one big box and I have one or two more to go. My craft supplies were packed up yesterday. Our tablecloths and other linens went into a box. Also my DIY tools like spray paint and sanding sponges. I tackled my winter clothes, because I won't be needing those for months.

I plan to pack up a big box of shoes later today, leaving out a few pairs to wear over the next few weeks. I've also been steadily going through closets, drawers, and cupboards, getting rid of things and organizing so that there aren't any mysteries and big problem areas to tackle later on. As we get closer to move date, I'll take down all the art on our walls and bubble wrap each piece. I don't want to start that just yet because things will begin to look bare at that point.

Then when it gets down to crunch time I'll mainly have the kitchen to worry about. Clothes that haven't yet been packed can go in suitcases, and furniture can be wrapped up by the movers. Cleaning supplies are also packed last so I can give the house a good scrub before we hit the road.

Pretty simple, but this way of packing makes me feel 100% more relaxed about the move. It makes things manageable. Procrastination has no place in packing up a house, as far as I'm concerned!

Another tip: never pay for boxes. I get mine from places like Starbucks and grocery stores. I do, however, pay for clean packing paper for all breakables.


  1. The kitchen's the last to pack and the first to unpack! We packed in layers when we moved. We actually had an overlap of about 2 months where we still had our lease and we'd bought our house, so we MOVED in layers. Just us and what we needed. Then, little by little more came over. We didn't even move our cats over for the first few days! It was nice, really, because we ended up trashing a TON of stuff on those last few packing trips because we'd already spent a month without them and never missed them. Packing is such a good way to take inventory of what you have.

    I hope your news is more clear soon!!!

  2. Ahh! Am I the only one who has never thought to pack in layers? My family and everyone else I know, has always done the room-by-room method. I last moved seven years ago and I'm still trying to solve the mystery of my missing things!

  3. Love these tips! Starting early is the key to keeping your sanity during a move. I've always packed room by room, but packing in layers makes more sense if you have some time before the move.

    It's funny, I actually felt a little jealous as I read about your packing, because it means you will get to start a new adventure in a new place AND decorate a new home! I hope you can think of it in that positive light if you start to feel stressed or overwhelmed. :)

    Also, I agree about not paying for boxes. I ask for old ones from liquor stores and Starbucks.

  4. That sounds like a DREAM, having the ability to move luxuriously over the course of a few months! Lucky you. :)

  5. Haha! Laughing out loud! This is too funny. Maybe next time you can try packing in layers and tell me how it turns out :)

  6. Thank you for this awesome reminder to be positive and look at this move in the most hopeful and optimistic way possible! Really needed that :)

    YES I remember going to liquor stores freshman/sophomore year in college to find boxes to store my dorm stuff in over the summers. Sister Mary (in McGlinn) looked at me really funny when she saw that my things were packed in vodka boxes...oops!


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