Thursday, March 6, 2014


A totally retro kitchen. I can't decide if I hate it or if it's actually sort of cool?

Well, house-hunting has been an experience, and it isn't over yet. We've seen maybe a dozen homes or more in the span of a few short days and we have the stories to prove it. At one house, the owner had cats and I actually stepped in cat vomit while checking out the living room. (The realtor was embarrassed and apologetic. I smiled and told her not to worry about it and then we left, never to see that house again.) We've seen 60s-era kitchens and all kinds of pink and mint green bathroom tile. It can be fun to see a home that is still occupied, I think. To get a glimpse into how people live, what their home looks like when the kids are at school and the parents are at work and only the dog is there to keep watch over silent pieces of furniture and ticking clocks.

It hasn't been all bad or weird, of course. We've seen lovely homes too and well-kept rooms and walls that hold histories and countless stories. My sweet husband would probably be pretty happy living in a brand new home, but it's me that gravitates toward the old ones, the ones that are creaky and not-quite-perfect and filled with character and charm. So we've been mostly looking at older homes and with that comes a fair share of datedness. It's pretty hard to find the right mix of vintage and modern!

I've been missing my writing and my blog and my dear readers so I just thought I'd check in to say hello. No news, really, yet. As soon as I can share I will! Please keep us in your prayers, if you think of it?


  1. I'm SURE your cats would be well-behaved :) But yes it was pretty gross. Such a weird and funny house-shopping story.

    I think I would have enjoyed this more if there wasn't such a timeline, and if we weren't moving from one (far away) state to another (far away) state. Ah well! Crossing my fingers for good news in the coming days!!

  2. Cat vomit? Why, that sounds lovely! That retro kitchen is really cool though! I don't know if you would want to live in it, but that does seem like a really epic stove…and the wallpaper seems sweet. And I totally agree with you on the older houses thing, they do have character. I live in a build-a-box myself, but dream of creaky floors, creepy nooks and fully-grown trees in the yard...

    Aw, we miss you blogging too but this sounds like the perfect adventure for you and your husband, and you do have to take the time to find the house, right? Happy house hunting! xx

  3. You're very thoughtful Sabbie, thank you for this :) I agree that the retro kitchen is more of a cool relic than a space I'd actually want to cook in. Ha! But yes, house-hunting has been an interesting experience and we are keeping our fingers crossed! :)

  4. It would be so awesome if you were moving to Colorado! I'm not sure if Ft Carson has many Army pilots, but I would surely help you get acquainted with the area if that's where you're headed. For now, I'll be patient and wait for when you can share your next destination. You are both still in my prayers!

  5. I think I would love living in Colorado but that isn't the state we're heading to....I know, I'm such a tease! I would have LOVED having someone like you offer to get me acquainted with the area when we moved to Alabama. It was a really rough transition. Your prayers are so very appreciated, friend :) Thank you.

  6. I was just reading an article in the NYTimes real estate section about what to do with your pets if you're out while your home is being shown! sounds like the cat vomit people should have read it too...

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