Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From Where I Sit

I'm doing something different today. While on my usual morning walk I had this urge to sit for a moment at the edge of a little pond near our house. To just sit and pause. And to listen. It's amazing how many natural sounds are dancing in my ears as I sit here typing up this post on my iPhone. The world is loud with its joy. So many birds clamoring and wanting to be heard. Squirrels sprinting and rushing up trees and having the time of their lives, from what I can tell. A bullfrog's splash. I can even hear the occasional flapping of wings when a bird whirs close by.

I should do this sort of thing more often. 

It's healthy to notice the goodness and easy calm of the natural world. I think it speaks to the way things should be. Stress is such a human emotion--one I've been feeling far too much of lately--and these little animals around me now are reminding me of something I too often forget. Life is big. Our perspectives are so very small. Things aren't as dire as we like to think. We should focus more on just living--making noise and running around and jumping for joy like the squirrels.

Now I hear a woodpecker! And acorns falling just in front of me. Oh, and a helicopter. The only man-made sound out here right now, but a very pleasant one since it reminds me of my husband.

A writer inspired by the woods. Could anything be more cliché? Though I don't exactly feel inspired sitting here so much as mellow and calm and just...aware. Grateful. Accepting. Outside my own thoughts and worries.

Ok, back up the hill I go. Thank you, pond and trees and critters, for this little respite.


  1. I don't even know what to say! Sounds like one of those heavenly experiences. And you are so right, stress is such a human emotion. Hang in there! xx

  2. This makes me smile so much. I love your morning and where you sit and your pond. :)

    Such a perfect post.

  3. Katie @ Loverly SheMarch 19, 2014 at 8:32 PM

    I love this Kate. I too find a lot of respite in nature. Going for a good walk is something I’ve been aching to do for months! Hopefully this winter will let up soon.

  4. you know, one of my favorite things about running with Charlie is that how much more acutely aware our surroundings I have to be than if I were running alone (with headphones in, which isn't an option when running with a dog). I need to know when a cyclist or runner is coming up behind us and will pass us so I can make sure that Charlie's leash won't trip anyone up. I need to hear the squirrel jump from branch to branch at the same time as Charlie so I can remind him of his training. I need to gauge whether the creek is gentle enough for him to take a drink or go for a swim, and I need to check there aren't any ducks in the water that he might try to hunt. It's not relaxing, exactly, but I feel so at one with everything around us and with my body at the same time - it's really incredible.

  5. I'll say a prayer that the sun starts shining soon in Canada!

  6. What a neat thing, I would have never guessed that running with a dog is like that! It sounds like your runs help you practice mindfulness which is such a good thing for the mind and soul.

  7. Katie @ Loverly SheMarch 20, 2014 at 3:22 PM

    pleeeeeease do! :)

  8. Beautiful post. You're lucky you live in an area where morning walks like this are possible. I hear a lawn mower, another man made sound but reminds me that I'm alive! :)

  9. Thanks Angela :) Reminders that we're alive are such a gift! Just being mindful of our breathing and the air and sunshine can be such powerful things.


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