Monday, March 31, 2014

Linen Bath Towels

Let's talk about linen bath towels. We use regular towels in our house but I'm very intrigued by linen towels, lately. It seems like whenever I click on a house tour over at Apartment Therapy, in Domino magazine, or on Design Sponge, the bathroom photo invariably features beautiful, striped and tasseled linen towels, hanging casually and perfectly from a hook on the wall.

I love using linen towels in the kitchen but I must admit that the idea of a linen bath towel doesn't sound immediately appealing. I know they look gorgeous, but are they cozy? I love wrapping myself in a soft, fluffy towel after the shower and I wonder if these would feel equally luxurious?

I've done some research and apparently, once you switch to linen bath towels you can't go back. The linen becomes softer every time they go through the wash--and they also last forever, so I'm sure after a few years they have a glorious texture. Linen towels also absorb water beautifully and dry very quickly. I bet they would work really well in a small bathroom that doesn't have great ventilation.

The thing is, they're quite pricey. These are over $50 each.

And these are $133 each!

So they're definitely a splurge item. Maybe I'll ask for one for my birthday in a few months! Or I could treat myself to one of these pretty striped ones as a housewarming gift when we move. I'm really intrigued!

What do you think--have you tried linen bath towels? Would you? Want to?


  1. Hm. We switched to linen bedding two years ago and have never looked back. We use linen towels in the kitchen. But I dunno about bathroom towels.... I just can't see them keeping me warm/ absorbing the water when I jump out of the shower. I guess they must be worth it though, if people spend that money on them.... But now I know what you are getting as a housewarming gift. Linen towels. Lol.

  2. Linen bedding is another one I want to explore! I love our super soft 100% cotton ones, but I'd be open to trying something new.

    Also, I'd be happy with just a visit from you as my housewarming gift :)

  3. We LOVE our linen bedding. Especially in the summertime because I have to have weight on me when I sleep, but in the summer I still can't overheat. The sheets are so soft. Ours our PB, but I really want to invest in Rough Linen ones:

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