Monday, March 17, 2014

Jogger Pants

Back in high school it was terribly difficult for me to find jeans and pants that fit. Ones that were long enough but weren't completely baggy at the waist and hips. I always liked being tall but it was miserably frustrating to find clothes sometimes. Back then, flare and bootcut jeans were really the only kind of pants you could find, remember? So the length was hugely important. Too-short flares are really unattractive.

Needless to say, I'm thrilled with the turn that things have taken in the pants department over the last 5 or so years. There are so many great cuts available! And so many where length isn't nearly as much of an issue! Skinny jeans that you can tuck into boots or roll up once and wear with sandals. Ankle cuts that look perfect with a pair of flats. High-waisted ones with a wide leg (length is important on these, but for some reason these kind of pants are usually made pretty long). And my new favorite cut that has recently made an appearance in the fashion world--joggers.

I recently bought a few different pairs of joggers and I think they're super flattering. The top hits a little bit higher than jeans, around the belly button, which accentuates your waist. They're a little loose and flowy which makes them not only comfortable but super feminine and sort of funky, Parisian maybe, perfect with a tucked top. And they taper beautifully at the bottom, hitting whatever part of your leg they will hit (you can see in these photos that depending on the cut, they sometimes hit higher and sometimes lower, and it all looks great!). Plus, these pants allow your footwear to really shine.

Thoughts? Do or don't on jogger pants? I'm sure they aren't for everyone but I think they're just adorable, and would work whether you're tall or short or somewhere in between. I love how this cut accentuates feminine curves but leaves a little to the imagination, you know? To me, that's the ultimate sophistication--it exudes confidence and class and style!

p.s. My take on joggers....


  1. Hey, these are cute! I would have never given these a second chance before I read this post but they are much more wearable and sophisticated than I thought (what I pictured was more along the lines of… hitched MC Hammer pants!). I think I have my first item on my spring shopping list—I'd really love a beige pair! And goodness, you really can't wear short flares can you? And then they would be so long that they'd drag and be shredded. I could never win with these! :(

  2. Katie @ Loverly SheMarch 17, 2014 at 8:11 PM

    i love the ones you are wearing Kate! would definitely wear them, although finding the right cut would be crucial on my wee little frame ;)

  3. I agree! Much more wearable than I initially thought. I would love a beige pair too. Could be dressed up or down!

  4. I bet the ones I'm wearing would be adorable on you too! They'd gather more around the ankles probably, which would look great. Maybe I'll be seeing joggers in one of your fashion posts this spring ;)

  5. You wear them sooooo well.

    I was in Zara this past weekend and almost bought a pair. But then I remembered I didn't have a need for new clothes because they won't fit soon. So I didn't. But I loved them all.

  6. Thanks! I love this look so much, especially for spring!

  7. Just reading through some of your fashion posts, and out of curiosity, how tall are you? I ask because I am 5'11 and very thing frame and was wondering if something like this would work for me :)

  8. Sounds like we're twins! I'm 5'11" and also thin and lanky. I love this look for tall women, so I say go for it. :)


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