Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Currently: Volume 6

My text to my mom after finishing The Age of Innocence
I love our book club--it's so fun to be able to share our thoughts with each other. 


Reading blogs and online news...I need to start a new book! The Age of Innocence was wonderful. It was very melancholy by the end and a beautiful peek into changing times and the people caught between them.

Writing this post and not much else.

Listening to the kettle beginning to sputter and whistle. Time to make tea!

Thinking about making these DIY mercury glass candleholders. I have several plain glass vases and candleholders that are just begging to be dressed up.

Smelling nothing really. My nose is a little stuffy this morning, I hope I'm not coming down with something!

Wishing I didn't live so far away from my family. On Valentine's Day, I was remembering how my parents used to surprise us with chocolates and cute little heart-shaped notes, arranged in shapes and patterns on the floor by our beds for us to discover when we woke up. There was no shortage of love in our house and I'm so grateful for that.

Hoping we catch the mouse today. Yes, we have a mouse in our house. We set 3 traps out on Friday night and haven't caught it yet. My husband thinks the mouse is cute (he named her "Sasha") but I really don't. Maybe Sasha doesn't like the peanut butter we used as bait? I don't want to go another day knowing there's a mouse nearby!

Wearing one of my husband's big sweaters. There's nothing cozier!

Drinking Jasmine Green Tea.

Loving my brave husband and praying that he begins to feel much better soon.

Wanting a massage. I'm going to be honest. I could really use a good spa day.

Needing some breakfast. Plain yogurt with homemade granola sounds like just the thing.

Feeling very thankful for good doctors and nurses, including the ones in my own family. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law are both nurses and have answered some important questions for us in the last few days as my husband recovers.

Clicking on this show on Netflix. My husband and I have been watching it all weekend and have gotten really into it. It's entertaining and makes you think!

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  1. ah thanks for linking to those votives! I wanted to find something like that for our wedding - maybe I'll just make them :)

  2. You deserve a good spa day. That should come with the hospital package for spouses. All of that tension... yes, you deserve a massage!

    I will have to check out Sherlock! We love smart, entertaining television! Your husband is in my prayers. I hope he's doing well!

  3. It really is comforting! Thank you for your kind thoughts, Sarah.

  4. I think you and your husband would love Sherlock!

    Thanks so much for your prayers, he's doing really well! I love the idea of a spouses spa package--yes! I need that.

  5. Those mercury candleholders look like such a fun crafting activity! I love the look of mercury glass. How comforting it can be to have medical professionals in the family. My sister is a PA, and she has been the beacon of clarity for our family whenever somebody is ill. I hope that your husband's recovery is swift and easy, and I'll continue to keep you both in my thoughts.

  6. I found mine at TJMaxx. I wasn't looking for it, but had to have it when I saw it!

  7. i started my day off with the sputter & whistle of a tea kettle - such a soothing, homey sound! i've been having a lot of tea lately, though i'll admit that is because i have run out of coffee.

    so glad you shared the mercury glass DIY - i have almost burned down a couple of bath & body works candles, & i want to de-wax them & re-purpose them in a similar way. now i'm excited about it!

    i wish i lived closer to my family, too. my dad would always bring home red hots, chocolates, & a stuffed animal for me & my sister, on valentine's day. i miss that!

    is there anything better than wearing a husband's clothing? i don't think there is.

  8. I sincerely hope you are able to catch that mouse! yikes. I don't blame you for feeling a little bit uneasy knowing its in your house. And "Sasha" ... Haha!!

  9. We caught Sasha tonight! It was a relief, though not an overall pleasant experience. Thank goodness for the man of the house :)

  10. Tea and husbands clothes combined--an awesome combination! :)


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