Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Currently: Volume 4

My husband asked me to text him a picture after I got my hair cut last week. This is what he got.

Reading Edith Wharton, Madeleine L'Engle, and also my Cook's Illustrated magazine that my parents gave me for Christmas. I made the Wild Rice and Mushroom soup from the February edition and it was divine.

Writing lists with my husband. Mostly thoughts and questions and plans.

Listening to the dishwasher running. We started it last night, turned it off because it's so loud and we couldn't hear the music we were playing, and then forgot to turn it on again until this morning. This seems to happen to us occasionally--are we alone in this?

Thinking about one of my new readers who is from Upstate New York, near where I grew up, and who was diagnosed recently with breast cancer. Please pray for her and her sweet family.

Smelling fresh coffee and a sesame seed bagel.

Wishing my husband and I had a church here we loved. When the time comes for us to relocate, we're very excited to church-shop. Hopefully we'll have some options and can find a church that will really nurture our faith.

Hoping for good tidings, always.

Wearing a soft cotton green cardigan I bought when shopping with my sister-in-law a few months ago. She bought the same one in taupe, which is funny because I'm a neutrals girl and she loves color. We mixed it up!

Drinking coffee. I've limited myself to drinking a full cup only about once every few days, and drinking tea or homemade lattes or plain steamed milk on the other days. I don't think the caffeine or the acidity in coffee are good for me, but I do love the taste, so I indulge every so often!

Loving my husband! We had such a fun day together yesterday. We went out to lunch, went on a long walk in a beautiful park nearby, stopped at the drugstore to get some Valentine's chocolates and shared them in the movie theater (we saw Silver Linings Playbook, and we both really liked it). We had leftover soup and bagels with smoked salmon for dinner and then had a "jam session." My husband learned the words to Neon Moon and he sang it while I tried to imitate a country guitar on the piano. It was so funny and so much fun!

Wanting to buy some lavender essential oil. I've recently completely changed my skincare regimen and have started using mostly natural products. My new moisturizer is jojoba oil (which I love so far) and I've read that it pairs beautifully with lavender, which is not only lovely-smelling but is apparently very good for your skin.

Needing not much, at the moment. I feel quite content.

Feeling very blessed. After a few weeks of dwelling on the imperfections in our lives, I've arrived at a place of peace and calm, and am trying to focus on the many gifts God has given us. This is a never-ending journey, isn't it, counting blessings instead of shortcomings?

Clicking on these quirky, colorful homes. I admire the boldness of these homeowners!

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  1. Hi there! I just found your blog through my friend Amy over at Fabulously Ordinary and I'm happy to be following along. :)

  2. Hi Molly! So happy to have you here! Thanks so much for following!

  3. I'm really excited about being ready to find a synagogue. I'm not there yet - in part because I want Jon to be part of the process and he's still in London - but I'm looking forward to feeling ready, emotionally, to make that spiritual connection to a community. So I hear you!

  4. Love the haircut! Looking healthy, friend! I love lavender, too. It reminds me of springtime with the windows open. And the cottage in Italy I dream of one day owning. :)

    I'm with you on the feeling blessed part. January was hard. My husband's been a big help in the "count your blessings instead of shortcomings" department. Sometimes it's harder to do than other times. I am glad we are both on the right track. :)

  5. Lavender is really wonderful. I keep bars of lavender soap in my drawers so that my clothes smell like them. :) I can also relate to working on recognizing how many blessings are present in our lives. It's so easy to get caught up in the negative, but that feeling of peace that comes over me when I connect with the good parts is just so perfect.

  6. So glad to hear that this is important to you too Betsy. Hope we both find a spiritual community soon!

  7. Thanks Tina! Yes, my husband keeps me counting blessings for sure. He's so much better than I am at looking on the bright side. Thank goodness I have him on my team. Glad yours is the same :)

    And my, a cottage in Italy sounds lovely!! I'm with you! That would be heaven.

  8. Indeed, well said Sarah. It is so much easier to get caught up in the negative, but so much less productive!

  9. Loving the haircut, Kate! I remember you talking about wanting to get it done. It's always nice to have a fresh haircut.

    Glad you remember to take your vitamins =) It's so hard to remember sometimes!

    I LOVE cooks illustrated so much!!! You can't go wrong with any of their magazines. Also go to a Barnes and Noble and pick up a Cooks Country. That is the one I started with and I've been getting their subscription for the past five years or so. I like Cooks Country even a little better because of the colorful pictures and I feel like the recipes are a little easier. They all taste amazing! Glad to hear other people enjoying their magazines.

    My sister uses lavender oil for relaxation. It works wonders! I know of a very good brand too, I could always double check that for you if you want? Unless you already know of a brand that you like. I put it on my hands and feet sometimes if I want to relax or unwind. You can also dilute it in a little spray bottle and spritz it on your pillow before falling asleep at night =) sooo relaxing!

    Counting blessings instead of shortcomings is a wonderful and very positive thing! I love how you put this, such a great reminder to all of us, especially me. It's always helpful to hear this.

    Your outfit sounds so comfy and perfect for a Sunday! And good for you on spacing how often you allow yourself coffee. I'm so terrible about this!
    What a lovely Sunday Currently! Have a great Sunday!

  10. Oh I love that you and your husband took Valentine's chocolates into a movie. That sounds like a lovely date!

    You are not alone. I think my husband and I have started and then stopped the dishwasher a time or two. They are way too loud when trying to listen to music and enjoy the evening. :)

  11. Thanks Maggie! I would love to know the lavender oil brand your sister uses! That would be great. I have heard that's it's really good for relaxing for relaxing, and I planned to make a homemade spray out of it too! (Great minds think alike.)

  12. It was so lovely! We were browsing the candy section and Valentine's day chocolates just seemed like the best choice :)

    Glad we're not alone. I hope someday we have a very quiet dishwasher!

  13. that can be so hard to find the right church! My husband and I have been going to the same one since we were kids - if/when we move it will be a difficult search.

  14. You must have such a wonderful community there! I'm jealous, that's so great!

  15. Beautiful list! We both loved Silver Linings Playbook too...such a neat story of two imperfect people coming together.

  16. silver linings playbook + valentine's day chocolates? that sounds like such a great date night.

    justin & i are looking forward to finding a church we love here in wilmington, too. that is definitely something that has been missing from our lives, & i am anxious to fix it. i want to thank you again, though, for posting about that daily bible devotion app - i have really enjoyed it.

    do you have a twitter account? i like to tweet all the sunday currently posts each week & i didn't want to leave you out if you had one. let me know :)

    i hope you have a great week!

  17. Hi Lauren, no, no Twitter account for me! Thanks so much for asking though. I'm not a big fan of social media so I don't have Twitter or Facebook. But I do appreciate you checking! :)

    Hope you have a good week too!

  18. And also--so glad you're stilling enjoying the devotions. I am too. They're short and simple and sweet and uplifting.

  19. I know, I thought it was so touching! I like the way you put it--two imperfect people coming together.


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