Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rainy Days

Since I live in the South, but am through-and-through a Northern gal, I've had to get used to rain instead of snow during the winter (I'm still not used to it). We have had a lot of rain, and while I would prefer the soft, pure beauty of snow, I actually like the rainy days. I never liked them in New York City because you walk everywhere and there's never room for your umbrella on the sidewalk and the subways become mucky and smelly. And there's nothing cozy about that.

But here, the rain is cozy. The back of our townhouse has two large windows and two french doors, so when I'm downstairs I can look out and see and hear the drizzly, dreary day, while I'm warm and dry inside. If I do have to go out, I make a mad dash to the car and don't have to worry about trudging through puddles and dodging umbrellas that come threateningly close to my eye (I really do miss NYC--just not rainy NYC days).

Anyway, today is one of those dreary weather days and it got me thinking about the things I love to do on rainy days. I'll make a list and I hope you'll add your own thoughts in the comments.

Curl up with a good book and cup of tea.

Light a candle, or two.

Bake a batch of cookies.

Take a hot bath (if it's a rainy evening). 

Sit in a café and do some work on my computer.

Make a huge pot of soup. 

Play some moody music on the piano.

Watch a drama (again, if it's a rainy evening). 

Indulge in an extra-long morning shower.

Work on any kind of crafty project indoors.

When I was in high school (were we too old for this?) my best friend and I would put on old gym clothes on rainy Saturdays and run outside and go down the slide in my backyard. It sounds really silly but it was so much fun to let loose and allow ourselves to get soaking wet. It was exhilarating. But these days, as you can see, I'm a little more mellow.

What about you? Are you someone who needs the sun to shine to feel alive or do you appreciate a good moody day?


  1. I need a good rainy day every now and again. If I didn't have Finn, I'm sure I'd take a nice long nap. :) But soup, good movie, and a warm fire would be perfect.

  2. I went to school down in FL and we had rain every afternoon during the rainy season! It made me want to curl up with a fuzzy blanket and take a nap. Otherwise I enjoyed sitting in my dorm room watching the rain outside as I lounged in comfy clothes with a homemade cappuccino in hand =) I really love your rainy day list many of those things would be my favorite, too!

  3. Living in the Seattle area means I choose to live by the motto, "there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes"! :) Going for a run in the rain is rejuvenating! Then you really appreciate the cup of tea afterwards.

  4. That sounds very cozy! I bet it made it hard to study in the afternoons ;)

  5. What a good attitude! A run in the rain plus tea afterwards sounds so nice.

  6. Kate, your list makes me feel cozier just reading it! I always want to curl up in soft clothes and a blanket, light a nice candle, and read a good book when it's rainy outside. Sometimes I like to play soft music in the background. Gazing out the window at the rain is a must.

  7. Lovely! I think we'd be good rainy day friends...those are just the things I want to do.


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