Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First Impressions

What were the first impressions you had of your spouse, or your significant other?

I didn't fall in love at first sight with my husband but he definitely made a memorable first impression, and a good one. It was the second weekend of my freshman year of college and there was a small group of us just hanging out. The evening was very casual and relaxed, and there are two things about our meeting that have really stuck with me.

The first is that my husband brought his roommate, a transfer student who was randomly assigned to live with him. When his roommate stepped out of the room for a moment, my husband told all of us that he was a transfer, and that he was quite shy, and asked us to make him feel included.

Well, that kind of consideration for others isn't something you hear everyday coming from the mouth of a college kid. Especially the freshman boys we knew. My husband was a senior when I met him and he really was a man, not a boy. He had a kind of maturity and inner peace about him, a calmness and sense of who he was.

Us in college, right after we started dating

The second thing that stands out in my memory is the way he paid attention to me. He was interested in the things I said. He looked me right in the eyes when I was speaking, another thing that the freshman boys I met didn't do very well, and I remember exactly how his blue eyes looked that day. He laughed when I made a silly joke, a genuine laugh. And it wasn't even flirting--it was sincere interest in what I had to say and an interest in knowing who I was.

I wouldn't say there was "chemistry" or anything like that. At the time, I was still dating my high school boyfriend and it would be another 3 months before we broke up, and another 2 after that before my husband and I began dating. But there was that first impression, that day I met a good, kind man who I respected and wanted to know better. He was different in all the right ways. And how amazing it is to look back on that day knowing how things turned out!

I'd love to hear about your first impressions--do share.


  1. How funny...these were the exact things that impressed me about my husband, too. We lived in a dorm with a few guys who were really socially awkward, and he made a point to include them in our conversations and laugh at their jokes. I basically fell in love with him because of how kind he is. :)


  2. That's so sweet, Julie, how funny that we share a similar story. Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. This is seriously so cute! And I totally know what you mean about how consideration for others is so attractive! My first impression of Kevin was definitely how attracted I was to him, but also the sweet way that he interacted with his family. It's a funny story because I lived with his family before we even started dating! I met him when I moved into his parent's house haha. But the way he treated his mom and dad stuck out to me SO much. He was best friends with his dad and just adored his mom!! Loved this post girl:)


  4. I love your story! So funny and sweet. I think that considerate men are definitely keepers!

  5. Haha my first impression of Josh was kind of funny - he's 5 and a half years younger than me so I just remember thinking he looked a LOT older than he was! He was also a lot more confident and settled in his own skin than most young guys I had met. Still, it took a while for me to realize the age difference wasn't a big deal :)

  6. You're a very cute couple from the photos I've seen, and you don't look at all older! Good for you for not letting the age difference bug you.


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