Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kindred Spirits

Muir Woods. Isn't God's creation something else?

Today I want to share with you two essays--one is an article, one a blog post--on an issue that's very dear to me. One is by a man, and the other by a woman, and both of them write about something hard, something sensitive, a topic that is often isolating and certainly not popular. They've each written about it in their own way but they've both written fearlessly.

The article was shared with me by one of my lovely blog friends, Natalie from Chapter Twenty.  The piece is funny and bold and romantic.

The blog post is by one of my favorite bloggers. Hers is wise and thoughtful and lovely.

I hope you enjoy them and are inspired by them as I am.

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  1. What great articles! It certainly isn't a popular topic, but it's an important one. My husband and I never lived together before marriage, but we were young and went further intimately than I wished we would have. We were fortunate enough to be each other's firsts though, and I treasure that. God is gracious and faithful though, and we now enjoy a special relationship that only married couples can. Thank you for being willing to speak up about this topic! I hope any single person is inspired to remain thoughtful about relationships, and they can see the bigger, more amazing picture!

  2. Who took that neat picture?

  3. Very interesting reads on a sadly silent topic in our culture--something I think that should be more popular. Thanks for the articles!

  4. Thanks Leah for sharing your thoughts on this. You and your husband seem to have a beautiful relationship, from what I can tell from your blog! :)

  5. You're welcome Jena, it's encouraging to hear women say they wish this topic was discussed more openly. So glad you stopped by!

  6. Yes, God's creation is something else!!! How can you doubt there is a God when you look at such beauty, such detail.... Can't wait to check out the article and blog post, thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh I just realized a few paragraphs in that I had read the article before. Very blunt, but well put. This can be hard to find in our culture today, but happily it does still exist. I remember a fellow biology student almost falling off his chair in class when I told him that it still existed. He was shocked!!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh wow--that's an interesting story. Sad that he was so incredulous.


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