Thursday, January 1, 2015

Something Ivory in 2014

In January, I wrote about how The Future Is A Phantom....because I'm learning that it's best to live bravely in each moment instead of worrying about tomorrow.

In February, I argued for sharing your favorite recipes and kitchen tricks....because good food shouldn't be kept a secret.

In March, I discovered jogger pants....and my long legs rejoiced because these pants are supposed to graze your ankles.

In April, I announced our move to Charlottesville, Virginia with a little silliness and flair....because this was BIG news and worth getting silly over.

In May, we traveled across the country and back....because that's what freedom looks like to a man who has just gotten out of the Army, and his wife was happy to oblige.

In June, we became Virginians and you all celebrated with us....confirming for me that you are the sweetest and loveliest bunch of readers around.

In July, I made myself a little writing nook....because those who write need nooks, and even better when the nook comes with books.

In August, I wrote about becoming un-stuck....because clouds do lift, friends.

In September, I bought a very beautiful little notebook and pencil for my studio, because businesses require paper and pencils....and because these ones match the piano.

In October, I wrote about a homemade pizza I was proud of....because homemade pizza has never been my strong suit but I'm finally figuring it out.

In November, I experienced an oddly wonderful week at a time when I least expected it and most needed it....and undeserved blessings such as these are worth writing about.

In December, I wrote about a gentle, subtle, sort of Love....because I'm trying so hard these days to notice nudges and coaxes and quietly answered prayers.

It's January again, and I'm still working on laughing at the future and still figuring out my teaching business and still looking for those pink jogger pants....but I have a feeling that something will be different about 2015. I'm thankful for this past year and so very hopeful for the next one.

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year Kate! I enjoy reading your writing. You have good taste and I appreciate your thought processes.

  2. Thank you for being a loyal reader for so long, Sarah! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  3. What a wonderful way to welcome 2015! You are so open and embracing - it's lovely to read that here.


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