Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Future Is A Phantom

Photo taken a few years ago--2010? 2011?--by the one and only Noah Zinsmeister. It seemed fitting for today's post!

"The future is a phantom, seeking to spook you. Laugh at the future! Stay close to Me."

Isn't this quote absolutely great? It came from today's Jesus Calling devotional, a new app of mine that I'm seriously loving. Rarely do I spend a dime--let alone a full $9.99--on apps, but this one was well worth it and more. The daily devotions always feel eerily suited to my life and my "worry of the moment," as I like to call them. (I've mentioned before that my brain has to have something to fret over at all times. I'm working on it.) 

I love this quote because it can apply to almost every anxiety that you and I might feel on any given day. No matter what the worry, whether it is big or small, realistic or completely irrational, worry is about the future. In fact, I just read a beautiful essay in the latest issue of Notre Dame Magazine in which the author writes, "...anxiety is merely the ability to project fear into the future." Exactly. Though I'd never thought of it quite in this way before.

The future is a phantom, seeking to spook you.

Isn't this the perfect way to phrase it? All of our anxieties and worries and fears live in a world that hasn't happened yet, a day that hasn't yet been lived. We concern ourselves over fates yet to be decided and difficulties not yet real. The future, for something that doesn't actually exist yet, sure is skilled at spooking us, consuming us.

Laugh at the future!

One of the best things about my husband is that he is lighthearted, in the truest sense of the word. His heart is almost always free and unburdened. Partly this is the way God made him and partly it comes from life experience and a perspective he's chosen to develop. I so admire this quality in him because it's a little bit foreign to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm a very happy person. I smile constantly. I'm just not very lighthearted. I don't brush away fears very well or very easily, and I tend to be quite serious. Laugh at the future. That's something I'm going to try the next time I'm feeling spooked.

Stay close to Me.

Yes. Yes yes yes. I've often thought to myself that people without faith must have such a harder time in life. I truly feel sorry for those who can't or don't or won't believe. The strength I draw from prayer is enormous, a sense of stillness and comfort completely envelops me as I direct my worried thoughts to God. 

I see that girl in the photo above and think, "She sure does look carefree." I'm sure I wasn't completely worry-free--who is ever 100% worry-free?--but I'm going to fight for that feeling as much as I possibly can. Strive to make my heart just an ounce or two lighter. Laugh at my silly worries. Speak my fears to God. Take a deep breath, look heavenward, and smile.


  1. Katie @ Loverly SheJanuary 15, 2014 at 7:59 PM

    I totally identify with you Kate, sometimes I feel like I’m totally on top of my anxieties and then I’ll have a sleepless night fretting about something or other! Praying out loud has always helped me but it’s definitely more of a discipline to do that now with having a little person always around ;) Anyways, appreciated this post and your heart in it. x

  2. Oh how I wish we could sit down together over a cup of tea and talk about all we have in common! Thanks for this sweet comment Katie. :)

  3. Laughing about the little worries is definitely something I'm trying to do more of! I have a suspicion you're already pretty good at that though :)

  4. Beautiful post! Thanks for this reminder as this is something I must remind myself to do everyday! Your husband and mine are similar and you and I are similar. I love life and smile often but I worry, worry and worry a lot (comes from my virgo traits, I think). I have to constantly remind myself to let go and let God; to stop wasting energy on things I have no control over. I'll go on today with this in mind. ;)

    (I made a typo in the previous post. I hope you can read it this time!)

  5. Angela, I love that you write that you have to "let go and let God" and "stop wasting energy on things I have no control over." Those exact phrases go through my mind all the time! I just read your about page and I thought it was beautiful and can't wait to get to know you better through your writing. I love finding new blog friends and kindred spirits :)

  6. What beautiful reflections, Kate! Faith, indeed, has great power over our lives. Faith in something larger than ourselves (God, the universe and so on) is so grounding and can really give us the confidence and assurance we need to make it through both the darkest and most mundane moments of our lives! xx

    Psst! I finally got that blog going and I think you might find my last post somewhat interesting!

  7. Grounding is the perfect word for it. Faith is SO grounding.

    Oh, and I love your new blog! Just checked it out. I'll be following along and keeping up for sure! Congrats on starting it up!


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