Monday, January 27, 2014

Headaches, Glasses, And Honesty

You might think I'm a little bit wimpy when I tell you this, but I've been getting some pretty unpleasant computer headaches due to eye strain. I've been noticing them more and more and a few weeks ago I felt like my head was pounding for about 4 days straight. I spend a lot of time writing and reading on my computer and my eyes were simply not happy about it! In fact, my brother told me that typing black words on a white screen is just about the worst thing for your eyes because of the stark color contrast. Plus, you're concentrating and often staring at a single area, maybe even squinting. If that isn't a recipe for a headache, right?

Once I connected the headaches to the computer I realized that all of the tall cups of water in the world (my usual headache remedy) wouldn't cut it. And I didn't want to just swallow a few Tylenols if I could potentially fix this problem at the source. So I Googled "computer glasses for eye strain" and after doing some research, I ordered an inexpensive pair on Amazon. I guess the more high-tech computer glasses have yellow lenses but I was too vain to spring for those. I want to be able to blog at Panera without being self-conscious or looking like a gaming nerd! Plus, the clear lens pair I bought got great reviews and several people specifically said that their headaches vanished when they started wearing them at the computer.

I've been using them for almost a full week now and I'm glad to report that I haven't had one headache since. I really couldn't explain how it works (the Amazon link has more information), and my skeptic of a husband not so subtly opined that there might be a hint of a placebo effect involved. Even if there is, I really am happy that my eyes and head are feeling like their old selves again! And of course that makes him happy, so placebo or not, these glasses are here to stay.

I have to say that in addition to being pleased with my recent lack of headaches, I'm having fun with these glasses. I was blessed with my Mom's eyes and fantastic vision and I've escaped the eye-doctor visits and contact lenses and prescription glasses my brothers got stuck with. But I've always liked the idea of wearing glasses and I think they're cute (I know--only someone with good vision would say that--I'm sorry!) and I feel sort of "writerly" when I put these on. It's kind of embarrassing to admit that, but tell me I'm not alone? Any other 20/20s out there who tried on their friend's glasses and were envious for just a minute? (I'm really letting you in on my vanity today!)

Anyway, I can't recommend these glasses enough. Headaches are no fun, especially when they take me away from blogging and connecting with all of you. And I feel like I'm doing something good for my eyes when I slip them on. I hate the idea of straining them day in and day out--who knows the damage that could do long term.

(Plus, aren't they kind of cute?! Please humor me.)

This post is not sponsored in any way. Just wanted to share a new discovery and sing the praises of these headache-curing glasses!


  1. Wow. These exist?! How awesome is that? And yes, they look adorable! I actually got glasses last May and my family thought it was the end of the world but…hey, they look (feel?) fun sometimes. But I definitely, only, really like to wear them during lectures or while driving…or sometimes not even then! *sigh* It's complicated...

  2. i had no idea these existed either -- and they are actually pretty cute! i get headaches from staring at a computer all day too. it really takes a toll on your eyes, so this is an amazing invention!


  3. They are adorable and YOU are adorable!

  4. Yes, I fall into the 20/20 but would LOVE to wear glasses field. I don't get headaches, but I get eye aches. Have one right now. Where my eye sockets just HURT. I may need a pair of computer screen yellow tint goggles. Haha. They are so adorable on you (the non yellow ones, but I bet the yellow would do well, too!).

  5. Melinda Lawson PollardJanuary 27, 2014 at 7:46 PM

    Cute glasses! I love them on you!

    I am having a healthy giveaway on my blog- please check it out-

  6. Thanks Sabbie :) I hope you're enjoying your glasses at least a little bit--they're definitely en vogue!

  7. I know, I was thrilled to find that they exist! And that I was able to find a cute pair, hehe :)

  8. Ok good--I'm not alone! If you get the yellow tinted ones I will be SO impressed by your lack of vanity! You're a better woman than I! Or maybe they'll be adorable and you'll kickstart a new trend? :)

  9. Thanks Melinda, I'll check it out now!

  10. They are super cute, and I'm glad your headaches have disappeared! I used to wear contacts, but switched back to glasses primarily because I enjoyed how they looked on me and how simple they were.

  11. Thanks! I bet your glasses are adorable!


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