Monday, January 5, 2015

Craving Change

This is completely unoriginal but every January I find myself itching for some change, and often this happens in the form of an appointment at the hair salon!

I do usually think about the potential new hair cut/color for a few weeks first, but not this time. I decided on Saturday morning that I was going to schedule an appointment for that day and that I was going to try something different. The decision was between chopping it up to shoulder length or keeping it at my collarbone and adding bangs. I didn't actually make a decision until I was in the car on the drive over! (Very unlike me!)

Anyway, I went with bangs and I'm really pleased with how they came out. I needed this change and I think I also needed the rush that comes with doing something a little daring and spontaneous. It felt a tad brave, dare I say.

What do you do in January to add a little spice and freshness to your life?

p.s. The last time I did this was in January 2012, right after our wedding, when I decided to get blonde highlights! 


  1. I love how Stephen posts comments like that. Husband win! :D

    My January refresh usually comes in the form of a new exercise routine or eating plan. Also completely unoriginal, but the stores make it easy by putting necessary equipment and ingredients on sale!! I try to work hard at positive change all year, but sometimes January is just the perfect time for a much-needed health boost.

  2. One year I resolved to drink 64 oz of water each day. Now it's become pretty much an everyday habit! Good luck with your healthy habits this month! (And year:)) xx

  3. Tell me your secrets! I desperately need more water, but I can't seem to get it in....

  4. My secret was a large and irrational fear of breaking out on my wedding day. Talk about motivation!! I'm happy to report that my skin was crystal clear on the day of and I attribute it largely to my water intake in the year leading up to it.

  5. Hmm, so I need to have a second wedding. Hooray! An excuse to wear my weddign dress again! ;)

  6. LOVE the bangs! I'm thinking of doing a cut too - nothing like bangs, but above my shoulders. Last time I did that it was a disaster, so it really WOULD be brave of me to try again :P

  7. You should definitely try again, and bring photos! That's always the best way I think to make sure they know what you want. Be brave and good luck!


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