Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cleansing Oil Hand Wash

I bought this Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil awhile ago to try as a face wash and ended up not loving it for my sensitive skin. I hate to be wasteful so for the longest time I kept it with my bath supplies because I couldn't justify throwing it out. 

But! Then I thought, why not use it as a hand wash? My hands are perpetually dry in the wintertime and most soaps only make them more parched. So I plopped this pretty little bottle on the sink and it's now such a treat to wash my hands. The formula is really light and not at all oily, if you can believe it. It smells incredibly fresh (jasmine!) and makes my hands feel clean but also moisturized. Hooray for re-purposing!

What do you use in the wintertime to keep your hands soft and healthy? (I've also been loving this hand cream.)


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