Friday, June 13, 2014

Here! And happy!

Friends! We made it out on the other side!

In the last 4 days we drove for over 32 hours, packed up a truck twice (once in Alabama and again in Syracuse at our storage unit), and after much grunting and sweating on the part of our movers, got everything inside our new home.

The move had some ups and downs.

-Leaving Alabama 3 hours late and driving 16 hours straight to Charlottesville. I was very cranky those last few hours.
-Finding out that the street in front of our house was getting paved the day we needed to move in.
-Losing my credit card at a gas station.
-Arriving back in Charlottesville from Syracuse at midnight and finding our house had no electricity. 
-My husband's phone deciding it doesn't like Virginia very much.

-Seeing our as-yet-unseen house for the first time. Thanks Mom, for your good taste and for knowing us and what we needed. It's just right.
-Safe travels and no rain during each move-in. Seriously, praise God for this.
-The piano movers. They are amazing to watch. Strong yet gentle with those precious instruments.
-A sweet friend stopping by for hugs as we unloaded in the afternoon heat.
-Seeing our long-lost possessions come out of storage.
-A visit with Grandma in Syracuse, and getting to hold my high school friend's 7-week old baby girl.
-Electricity that was switched on remotely first thing, the morning after the night we had to brush our teeth by cell phone light.
-Our movers from yesterday, UVA guys who were funny and hard-working and really good-natured despite the back-breaking work we were having them do.
-Watching both of my pianos glide effortlessly through a tight hallway and door frame and seeing my new piano studio take shape. 

So as you can see, the ups definitely outweighed the downs. We are so relieved that the hard part is over and we are so so happy to be here!!!

I'll be blogging a lot about our house in bits and pieces over the next few months and beyond, but for now, suffice it to say that we love our little rental home. 

You, dear readers, have been the most wonderful friends through all of this. My Instagram comments have been so sweet and it makes me so glad that you are excited with us!

More soon. Have a lovely weekend everyone.

(I'm typing this in the Blogger app so forgive any weird formatting!)


  1. I'm so excited for you! We start our move next week. Have a wonderful time in Cville, and enjoy Virginia for me! I will miss it so much!

  2. Yay! Wonderful!

  3. Honestly, this is exciting! I still can't believe you hadn't seen your new home until now! Have fun discovering this wonderful new city :)

  4. Congrats! What a cozy entrance with that red door. Looking forward to seeing pics and hearing how your piano studio shapes up. We just moved too and am in the process of un-packing and settling in.

  5. Thanks Sarah, and good luck to you as you settle in! :)

  6. *both* of your pianos! you're like Beethoven - didn't he have three in his studio?


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