Friday, June 6, 2014


I woke up today in the best way--to a cute card from my doting husband and a sweet email from my parents containing some adorable and funny childhood photos. It's my birthday! And I feel so very loved.

The movers are coming at 7:30 am on Monday so today we need to take care of a few important items like getting new military ID cards and checking in with the Army transportation office. But the rest of the day is wide open. I asked my husband to take me to see The Fault in Our Stars which arrived in theaters today. I read the book and liked it and I think a romantic chick flick is a perfect birthday treat. Then we're having dinner at our favorite local restaurant, which is always and every time phenomenal.

Simple and sweet, just how I like to celebrate.

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday too and I was hoping that this year we'd finally be able to meet for a birthday lunch, but we'll have to just have a belated one (she lives about an hour from our new home in Charlottesville). It's so much fun sharing our birthday!

Turning 26 isn't as momentous as turning 25, but today I'm feeling really happy and calm and so so so very grateful. God's blessings are rich and good and plentiful and I think this year will be a great one.


  1. How nice! Happy birthday to you! Simple memories are always the sweetest. :) I will be having my 26 next year. 24 and 25 have been hard years for me, but I hope 26 is more quiet.

  2. Hope you are as happy today as you look in this cute photo.

  3. Thanks Erika, I hope year 26 is a peaceful and fulfilling one for us both :)

  4. Katie @ Loverly SheJune 7, 2014 at 10:53 AM

    happy birthday Kate! I know my wishes are coming a day late, but no less heartfelt x

  5. Of course, everything you do and say is heartfelt :) Thanks Katie! xo

  6. that picture is sooo precious ... happy birhtday to us!

  7. Happy birthday, Kate! It sounds like you had a very lovely day planned. :)


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