Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Let's Get To Know One Another: A Word To Describe Your Style

My eclectic china cabinet, currently

We've been really busy running around cleaning, unpacking and arranging for the last few days. It's been so so so much fun but my back could definitely use a break from all the bending and lifting. Thank goodness, my parents arrive tomorrow from D.C. to help over the weekend. And my mother-in-law was here on Saturday helping us get our bedroom together. Have I mentioned how lucky I feel to be a hop-skip-and-a-jump from family? This move to Charlottesville has so many bonuses.

Anyway, it's been really interesting having all of our belongings in one place. Seeing all of our dishes together, for example, the ones I've collected from thrift stores and our simple white wedding dishes and beautifully textured pottery bowls and plates that were given to us as gifts. I had a funny little revelation the other day about these dishes. Our china cabinet has three open shelves with glass doors, which is where I've been putting our nicest, fanciest things. At first, I had only our wine glasses and some white footed soup bowls on the shelves and I thought, "That's so gorgeous and simple, I'll put only glass and white dishes in our china cabinet! It will look streamlined and French and lovely against the dark aged wood of the cabinet!" This was my grand design idea.

But then a few days went by and necessity demanded that I stop reserving the space for only white pieces. My beautiful chartreuse tray and collection of pie dishes needed a home, and so did my hammered silver teapot from Grandma and my blue handmade sugar and creamer set from my college girlfriend and my copper colander. I began tucking each piece into place, and as soon as I strayed from my white only! theme, I breathed out and thought to myself, "Who was I kidding? This is so much better. Eclectic, that's my thing. I wouldn't have it any other way."

So that's it, my "one word" to describe my style. Eclectic. That's not to say that my style is always funky or offbeat, but that it's a mix of tastes and textures and colors and modern and old. I like earthy and antiqued but I also like bright and glossy and the contrast between the two is exciting to me. All white dishes would be lovely in that cabinet, there's no doubt. But that's not quite me. It would be too perfect and planned, not rustic enough, lacking the pizazz and serendipity and mix of styles I so love. My eclectic china cabinet, with its white and glass and old and new and everything in between, it feels just right.

Now it's your turn! You have only one word to describe your style. What'll it be? I can't wait to hear.


  1. Eclectic! Just like you, I love contrast and unexpected combinations. It used to mean heaps of weird and wonderful things but today I prefer a shabby chic take on Scandinavian minimalism and the whimsy of bohemian interiors. I just prefer most of it pale and unobtrusive, but just as you did with your cabinet, I always end up adding darker/colourful things (usually red or grey). Fun post!

  2. I am still trying to figure it out! Just moved to Chicago and am turning in all of the cheap Target furniture we bought in for real stuff and I, so far, am loving the subtle French look (so not one word at all). I just bought the attached table at this neat European wholesale place up the road on a whim and have decided I really like that style! Your linen drapes post from forever ago prompted me to buy soft linen drapes with subtle embroidery pattern throughout and I find it funny that you just posted about gallery walls because I am delaying hanging my picture frames because I am worried how they will all fit together! So long story long… still not sure!

  3. Oh! I love that table! I know what you mean about the French style, all those faded colors and pretty curves and whitewashed wood. It's SO gorgeous. Our coffee table is sort of like that. I think you might have to start a blog so I can keep up with your decorating in your new house! Congratulations on the move, by the way :)

  4. oof, this is hard! I want to say classic, but wouldn't almost everyone?

  5. Based on what you've shared of your sweet apartment I'd say classic is about right :)


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