Tuesday, June 24, 2014


A "just because" photo because it's pretty, and because I was too busy chatting this morning to snap a picture! / Source

I had a breakfast date this morning with one of my new-but-feels-old friends. Do you have any girlfriends like that, someone you feel like you've known a lot longer than you actually have? We clicked pretty much the first time we met and even though we've spent time in person together maybe only a dozen times, I feel so comfortable around her and love that we can confide in and support each other. Oh, and she lives in Charlottesville! And her husband is best friends with my husband! It's all too good to be true.

In my life, to be honest, I've tended to undervalue the importance of female friendship. I've always been really happy doing things on my own and prefer to have several really great friends as opposed to a bunch of them. Those preferences are still true for me but mornings like this one remind me never to take friendship for granted, remind me of how soul-nourishing friendship is. It's not just an extra or a bonus but rather a crucial part of a well-rounded life. Women need other women, don't you think? I left the bagel shop feeling refreshed and renewed and happy (and photo-less--too busy gabbing!).

Anyway, before I totally embarrass my friend if she's reading this, I'll close this quick little ode to friendship by saying that I'm slowly but surely learning my lesson. I really believe that I'm entering a richer season of life as far as friendship goes. So far in my mid-twenties I've become so so close to one of my sisters-in-law, and feel indescribably blessed to call her one of my best friends. I've met kindred spirits through this blog and have even gotten together with a few in person (and hope to meet more of you in person!). I've connected with women of faith and women who value marriage and families the way I do. I'm surprised by all of this in the best way possible. I don't take it for granted, and I hope I never do.


  1. What a blessing to be gifted with that like-mindedness in friendships! :) It is sweet how the Lord provides in relationships in unexpected ways. I often feel that same way with dear friends and ladies I have known over the years. Unfortunately, life has taken us separate paths (particularly since I moved a state away) and it is difficult to be as consistent in those friendships as I had wished. I definitely think women need each other and it is so crucial that we give one another that encouragement, affirmation, and company. I feel like a part of our generation is learning to embrace one another better. In the previous generation (just from the little I have observed in my circles of family/relatives/church friends), it seems that women struggled with honesty, vulnerability, and openness. I feel like this is changing as our generation is learning to open up, take risks, and be vulnerable in a good way.

  2. I like what you say about being vulnerable in a good way. It can be hard to strike that balance between being open/being too open/not open enough, or at least it's something I've struggled with. Good friends who accept us for who we are are truly a blessing and I'm glad you know the feeling :)

  3. I went to an all-girls school, so I think I took female friendships for granted for a long time. But, like you, as I've grown older, the real relationships new and old have taken root and they are amongst the most valuable in my life. They're such a treasure.

  4. Yes, hard to find these kinds of friendships as adults I think and I've realized they are such a treasure.


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