Monday, June 23, 2014

Gallery Inspiration

Gallery walls are one of those things I either really love or really dislike. A well done cluster of art on the wall makes my heart sing. But a poorly curated or oddly spaced or overtly trendy gallery wall makes me want to run away and never see another gallery wall again. (Too dramatic?)

We have a perfect wall in our living room for a gallery and last night I laid out a few pieces of art on the floor and played around with layout. It's tougher than you'd expect to get it just right, and it'll be another few weeks before I commit to a design (or maybe I'll go in another direction entirely, we will see). 

I've gathered a few images here that inspire me, gallery walls that grab my attention, look effortless and chic, and hold none of the trendiness that can come with this look. I also tried to pinpoint exactly what about each one I like. I think that'll come in handy as I play around with art on my own walls!


I love the spacing of this first one, the variety of colors and frames and styles, and that lamp peeking out from the sea of art. This is perfect. 

This floor-to-ceiling gallery is epic, and I like that there are plenty of teeny tiny frames mixed in with larger ones. 

I think I like this one because it's relatively small, hangs low and close to the sofa, and includes some non-framed art (the clock and the antlers). The large drawing of the ladies anchors everything together.

A gallery wall that is too matchy is something that usually bugs me but this collection of antique gilded mirrors really speaks to me. Hanging them in a tall grid is just right for this space.

This one is a little sparse and to me it's brilliant. Oversized mats, not a lot of variety in size or color, and that mirror in the center make this gallery austere and subtle.

Also--hello--I guess I really love white walls. 

What do you think of gallery walls? I can't wait to share what we end up with!


  1. The more I think about this gallery wall idea, the more inspired and excited I am to try creating one!! Thanks for sharing all the great images. Can't wait to see what yours ends up looking like.

  2. Always love to hear that I've maybe helped spark some inspiration! :) Keep me posted if you end up doing a gallery wall. They are so fun and creative, aren't they?

  3. not too dramatic - I totally agree! I do love those mirrors though :)

  4. I'm still hemming and hawing about how to do this--I'm so picky about galleries!


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