Monday, December 2, 2013


We took this in one take! So happy we made time for a photo before eating.

I love that even when you're well into your marriage, and no longer newlyweds, there are still so many new things, so many "firsts" still yet to come. This year was the first time my husband and I hosted Thanksgiving at our home and it was absolutely wonderful. It felt cozy and just right.

We had decided a while ago not to travel for Thanksgiving this year because this fall has been so packed with trips and we knew we'd be seeing our families at Christmastime. So we had planned to stay home, just the two of us, and were perfectly happy about it. But then my husband's older sister called me and asked what our plans were, and when I invited them to our house, I was thrilled to discover they were willing to drive up to Alabama to spend Thanksgiving with us! 

We had the best time. My niece and nephew are at the most adorable ages and are so much fun to be around. We love that they feel comfortable with us even though we don't see them too terribly often--the little guy even climbed into our bed both mornings they were here! 

And we did something totally new with our Thanksgiving turkey this year--my brother-in-law deep-fried it! Apparently that's the Southern way of doing a big turkey and it turned out incredibly moist and delicious, with the most crispy skin. The best part was that we didn't have to worry about cooking it in the oven, basting it and checking it all day long. He brought his deep-frying equipment out to the backyard, while we were in the kitchen focusing on the sides (many of which I'd already made ahead of time). My sister-in-law mentioned that this was the most relaxing Thanksgiving she's ever had--something every hostess wants to hear!

Here are a few snapshots from our holiday. I'm so thankful for family, near and far.

Taking the kids on an early morning walk on Thanksgiving day.

Making a lego helicopter! He picked the right uncle to help him.

At the kid's table!

Some snacks to tide us over.

This one melts my heart!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying this special time of preparation before Christmas. It's hard to believe it's already December!


  1. I loved these pictures:) so beautiful girl...nice job hosting!!!

  2. Haha! Your kids table. Cracks me up. Love it! Looks like it was a wonderful time. :)

  3. Sounds wonderful!! When your guests say they're relaxed, that's the best feeling!

  4. She picked out that spot specifically for her and her brother to eat at :) Isn't it sweet? I remember loving the "kid's table" when I was little!

  5. It's such a good feeling, I agree! I love when guests feel like they're truly getting a vacation when they're at your home. :)

  6. Too adorable! We were kicked off the kids table last Easter. It's been hard... haha!

  7. I spy a fabulous lucite tray! (at first glance, I thought the cheese was right on the table!)

  8. Yes indeed! It worked beautifully in action! :)


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