Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DIY Cook's Illustrated Kitchen Art

Remember a few months ago, when I discovered the hand-drawn back covers of my favorite cooking magazine, Cook's Illustrated? At the time, I really didn't think I had space for them in my kitchen and planned to hang on to them for my next kitchen. But then I took a harder look and realized there was an empty space above the stove that would be perfect for a pair of drawings. Four wouldn't fit, but two would, and I knew that some artwork would really liven up the space (it's not the most beautiful kitchen to begin with, so I have to do everything I can to bring in some charm!).

(I found it impossible to get a glare-free photo--sorry! Hopefully you can still get the basic idea.)

The frames I found are perfect, especially for this spot. I was a little worried about splattering from the stove, but since the frames are so thin and sleek, I don't think that will be a problem. And the glass can easily be cleaned. I just love this vintage-style artwork and I can't wait to add the other two--and maybe more--into the mix someday!


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