Thursday, December 19, 2013

Perfect, Holiday Red Lipstick

I've been on the hunt for awhile for that perfect red lipstick--not too orange, not too bright, not too pink. A brick red that flatters my skin tone and feels good on (some lipsticks are so dry and flakey). A lipstick that wears nicely and doesn't do weird things, like settle into the creases of my lips, after it's been on for a few hours. I'm sure you can tell by these descriptions that I've experimented a good amount!

I already have an everyday red lipstick that I love and wear a lot--Dubonnet by Clinique. My mom got me into Clinique lipsticks and their formulas are just so perfect and creamy. This shade of red is rosy and lovely and is great for the daytime--it's what I'm wearing in my blog photo, actually. But since Dubonnet is fairly subtle, I wanted to find a red lipstick that was a little more bold and dark, a sultry holiday red that looked sophisticated and grown-up. An evening red.

And I do believe I've found it in Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butter in Red Velvet. It's so beautiful. The shade is not at all pink or orange, but a true, wine red. It's actually a lip butter instead of a lipstick which means that it's ultra moisturizing and while it isn't glossy, it does have a hint of a healthy shine to it. It feels like I'm wearing lip balm when it's on. And one of my favorite things about it is that after a few hours, it fades into a gorgeous matte stain. Some lipsticks just disappear altogether but this lipstick leaves your lips looking natural and lovely and stained a perfect red. 

I wish I could show you how it looks on but alas, a talented photographer I am not, and the lipstick did not look at all true to color in my photos. But the way it looks in the tube is pretty much how it looks on your lips. So if you're searching for a perfect, holiday red lipstick that feels good and is just beautiful all around, try this! I think you'll love it.

p.s. This isn't a sponsored post, just a girl tip I couldn't help but pass along!


  1. I love Red Velvet! I'm wearing it tomorrow for a Holiday themed day at work. It's such a lovely product :)

  2. Revlon has been impressing me lately too! They have good products.


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