Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DIY Simple Stockings

This year, for the first time ever, my husband and I are spending Christmas alone together at home (last year we were in Napa Valley on our belated honeymoon and the year before, we were days away from getting married!). We're leaving early the next morning to see our families, and we can't wait for that time with them, but it feels so exciting to be celebrating this special holiday together at home, just the two of us.

Our house is feeling cozy and festive with our little tree and the simple Christmas decorating we've done, but something was missing--we didn't have our stockings! Like a lot of our things, they are packed away in storage many miles away. Both of us have a special attachment to our childhood stockings so I didn't want to make entirely new ones for us, but it just wouldn't quite feel like Christmas without stockings. So I whipped up some makeshift ones using things I had around the house, and I think they'll be perfect for our first Christmas at home as a little family.

I started with (clean!) wool ski socks--the perfect size, and that red stripe across the top is oh-so-jolly. I found some green velvet ribbon in my crafts closet and strung it right through each sock and tied it in a bow. These pearls, which come with a sticky backing that worked well on the wool, were leftover from another project and I had just enough to make a "K" and an "S." 

And that was it! Completely simple but totally sweet--just my style.


  1. It isn't Christmas without stockings! ;) So glad you're going to give these a whirl.


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