Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wedding Photo Booth Shots

Speaking of weddings!

Back in September we traveled up to Newport for my cousin's wedding and her photographer had an adorable photo booth set up for the guests, complete with funny props. This was the first time I've ever done a photo booth and I loved it. With all of those props to get you in a playful mood, it's easy to ham it up a little in front of the camera! I went up to the photo booth three different times during the evening, and I thought I'd share some of the silliness with you today!

Three generations of women. My grandma, my mom, me, and my mom's sister.

With my cousin and her brother's girlfriend. 

Striking a new pose...

I love this one of my mom and aunt. You can tell they're sisters! And so beautiful and fun!

I got my beau to come take a few shots with me at the end of the night!

One thing I love about wedding receptions is that everyone seems to be a little bit giddy. And no, not because of the wine. I think after witnessing such a beautiful profession of love and commitment in the marriage ceremony, it's hard not to feel this light-hearted, joyful, playfulness for the rest of the night. Giddy is the best word for it! Have you noticed this, or am I just a hopeless romantic?

Anyway, all this to say that I think photo booths do a pretty spectacular job of capturing the giddiness. And that's something to be treasured.


  1. I LOVE looking at "photobooth" photos.. and shockingly enough, have never been apart of them! I just KNOW it would be wicked-awesome-fun :)

  2. It's so so fun! I actually surprised myself by how much I enjoyed it! :)

  3. They are so much fun! Love these photos of you and your fam :-)!

  4. What a wonderful feature for a wedding!

  5. Aren't they so fun and silly? I loved it.

  6. I know! I never would have thought to have one but it was such a hit!

  7. I love photo booths at weddings, they are so fun! These are adorable :) Your outfit is cute, by the way! Glad you and your man got a few fun shots too, hehe!

  8. Aw, these pictures are just so much fun! :)
    xo TJ

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