Wednesday, November 27, 2013

DIY Temporary Composer Art

We're lucky enough to have three bathrooms in the townhouse we're renting, but unfortunately, in terms of design and style, they're pretty underwhelming. There's one that we use as a guest bathroom but because we haven't had too many overnight visitors down here in Southern Alabama, I haven't done much to try to spruce it up and make it cute.

But as I was cleaning it and getting it ready for my sister-in-law and her family, who are arriving tonight to spend Thanksgiving with us, I decided I really needed to put something on the walls. I didn't want to drill because as it is, we'll likely have to spend an entire day filling all the holes in the walls before we move. So I put my thinking cap on. How could I make this bathroom a little more inviting with some DIY/temporary art that wouldn't require nails?

I went downstairs and looked in my piano bench (I keep all kinds of odd, random things in there!) and found these beautiful composer cards I'd forgotten about. Each one is a portrait of a famous composer and the back contains a description of their life and work. They're printed on nice, sturdy card stock, and the portraits are really quite beautiful. Perfect!

I had some glue dots in my craft supplies that I knew would secure them to the walls but wouldn't end up creating more work for me later on when I remove them. I didn't plan the design, just eye-balled it and created a cute little gallery.

This is definitely not long-term art, but I think it's a great last-minute way to add some spice to an otherwise boring bathroom! Sometimes, improvising something temporary is just enough to make you feel better about a space.

On that note, I hope all of your Thanksgiving plans are going beautifully and that you have a wonderful meal and a happy day celebrating with family. Thanks, as always, for being such loyal readers.


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