Friday, November 22, 2013

Finding The Holiday Spirit

Alabama doesn't have winter, but it sure does have incredible sunsets.

I woke up this morning and suddenly, for the first time this year, it felt like the holiday season. I don't know what it was--maybe the grey overcast sky? Or maybe it was that I did some Thanksgiving shopping and preparation yesterday (we're hosting my sister-in-law and her family!). This is the second year we've lived in this crazy, balmy climate, and I've noticed that the weather makes it difficult for me to get into the holiday spirit. Come November, it doesn't feel like Thanksgiving and Christmas are on the horizon. I've been so well programmed to associate these holidays with the crispness and coziness of winter, which we just don't have here.

But when I woke up today, I half expected to see a blanket of snow on the ground, soft flakes falling slowly. I know it was wishful thinking but it was such a pleasant early morning daydream and I had a cozy and familiar feeling as I walked downstairs to make tea. There's something in the air today that's stirring that holiday spirit inside of me--despite the absence of the winter that I love--and I'm grateful for whatever it is.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving from Canada! (psst...we're freezing over here!)


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