Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Full To Bursting

A pretty sun-dappled, leaves-strewn walkway. From our trip this weekend.

We have so many exciting, big things on the horizon that I'm finding it hard to sort through my thoughts this morning. Have you ever felt that way? Have you ever been on the brink of an overwhelming but wonderful life change and you just felt so full and blessed, maybe even a little foggy-headed because it's all a little surreal?

After over a year and a half of major limbo we are beginning to come up with plans, plans that feel more real and more right by the minute. We're aware now more than ever that God is the one who is really in charge of these plans--we're just following His lead and feeling so thankful for the direction He is taking us.

My husband and I both believe with our whole hearts that we're being called into our new lives. We're being pushed and pulled, we're praying and listening and being answered. We have been learning to trust and our faith has been tested but we're coming out on the other side more whole and more devoted to God and each other. A picture of our future is forming in my mind's eye, and it's a happy future filled with hope and love.

Fresh starts are never easy, and I'm sure this one will come with its fair share of stress and uncertainty. But right now, I'm feeling full to bursting.

(Thank you, sweet readers, for being patient and understanding that I can't divulge too many specifics right now. I can't wait to share more as the time becomes right.)


  1. I love you and your new big changes!

  2. I love you and that you're a part of our future plans!

  3. In time. :) Patience is particularly hard when good things are around the corner. :)

  4. Eee, sounds super exciting! Reminds me of that feeling I've had since last year. Finishing up high school, working on portfolios, getting accepted to colleges, actually attending college, and so on. It was sooo amazing, in a rather indescribable way, to finally (after years and years of planning, dreaming and waiting) see results of my hard work and ambition come into being and being able to have things happen! I hope you are enjoying that similar sense of...again, indescribable (joy? anticipation? gratitude? sheer amazement?). Can't wait to hear the details when it's time!!

  5. Thanks for being excited with us, Sabbie!


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