Monday, June 17, 2013

10 Things I Learned From My Father

In honor of Mother's Day a few weeks ago, I wrote a post of 10 things I've learned from my mother. It was a lot of fun to share a little bit about her, so I decided that today I would write about the other half of that wonderful duo I'm blessed to call my parents. Here are 10 things, out of hundreds, that I've learned from my Dad.

It is much better to excel at one thing than to be mediocre at many things.

You'll always be happy you had that emergency twenty-dollar-bill in the glove compartment (even if you just use it to buy ice cream on a hot summer night).

Learn not to take every little thing so seriously (that doesn't come naturally to me), and you will be a happier person.

You can see God in the arch of a heron's neck, or in the wild emptiness of Alaska, or in the fiery red of a setting sun, if you only look for Him.

Pursue beauty, and pursue truth.

Grammar. All of it. (He's a writer and an editor, and he got to me before school did.)

The sound of fighter jets in the sky is the sound of freedom. 

Try to honor God in all things you do.

Fresh eggs--preferably from your own backyard--are a million times tastier than anything you can buy at the grocery store. Plus, chicks are cute!

Choosing the person you'll marry is the biggest decision you'll ever make (furthermore, he showed me that being in love with your spouse is the greatest gift you can give your children).


  1. Sweet, and great advice, I'm sure you make both your Mom and Dad proud!

  2. Katie @ Loverly SheJune 17, 2013 at 11:17 AM

    Wonderful picture and advice :) Really enjoyed reading this, Kate. Sounds like you have a wonderful dad!

  3. What an awesome man!!! Love all of these!

  4. Such a sweet thing to say, Christine, thank you :)

  5. I do indeed. And this picture captured one of my favorite moments of the wedding :)

  6. Awesome is right, thanks Katie :)

  7. My Dad can't live without nature....that's why they live on the Potomac instead of in the city, and why he bikes to and from work each day. He just thrives on the outdoors!

  8. So sweet! Sounds like you had a wonderful Dad. I was inspired to come up with ten things for my mom and dad and have had a lot of fun thinking about what makes them unique. Such a great gift, in and of itself.

  9. I do have a wonderful Dad! I'm thrilled to hear you're putting together a list for your parents. It really would be a great gift, wouldn't it?

  10. I love the last one. :) They are all so lovely, though!

  11. What wonderful lessons! There is definitely something that can be said about what a father teaches his daughters. I'm the youngest of 3 girls and I have learned so much from my father (even if I'm still learning / understanding at an older age).


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