Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Currently: Volume 19

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Dad! This is one of my favorite photos of us together. It was taken on the New Jersey side of the Hudson river, looking out at Chelsea and the Meatpacking District. I moved to Hoboken right after college and then about 8 months later, moved into the city and started graduate school. My Dad and my little brother came down to help me move across the river, and this photo is from that August weekend. 

I'm so blessed to be really close to both of my parents, which makes it even harder to live so far from them. But my Dad knows that I'm thinking about him today (and every day) and we hope the distance between us will be shortened in no time. I love you, Dad!

Reading The Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Strout. My mom and I are reading it together and I haven't decided what I think about it yet.

Writing this post and I'll be working on one for tomorrow too.

Listening to the air conditioning humming (I think that's been my answer for the last three Sunday Currently posts I've done. What can I say, it's how we survive summertime in the South!)

Thinking about how I've missed the Sunday Currently for the last few weeks. Last week I was traveling, and the week before I was busy for most of the day. It's nice to be back.

Smelling my Lavender Earl Grey tea. It's the best thing.

Wishing I was on the Hudson River, like in that photo. Oh I miss New York!

Hoping my Dad, my father-in-law, and all of the other dads in my extended family have a wonderful Father's Day.

Drinking tea and a glass of water.

Wearing a navy blue sundress with a mint green (my new favorite color) tee over it.

Loving the perfect Saturday evening date we had yesterday. Homemade ice cream in town and a walk down an adorable Southern street we'd never been to before. It was lined with gorgeous old homes--my favorite!

Wanting to head to the pool with my book but I may have to wait until late afternoon.

Needing to go grocery shopping. I went to the farmer's market yesterday and got some wonderful vegetables and fresh eggs, but there are always things like milk and yogurt and bread that require a trip to the grocery store. For someone who loves to cook, it's surprising that I'm really not a fan of the grocery store.

Feeling excited to write about a DIY project that coincides with a little piece of my family history this week. Stay tuned.

Clicking on lots of links to black flat summer sandals for my mom. I'm her unofficial fashion consultant and I love helping her find pieces she loves!

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  1. I'm the same as you with the grocery store. I love to cook a good meal but I despise the store. The only one I really enjoying going in is Whole Foods (it's totally their lighting and branding and whatnot) but it's so overpriced. Shopping at Giant just isn't the same and our Wegmans drives me up a wall. Have you ever tried Peapod? We need to do that. I just hate the idea of not being able to pick out my produce myself.

  2. I'm glad to be posting a Sunday Currently blog after a long absence also. I hope summers in the South are becoming a little easier for you. We're faring sort of well so far, but I'm sure that tone will change come August. ;-)

    I love to cook but can't stand the grocery store either. Why can't everything just magically appear in my refrigerator/pantry? That would be the day.

  3. I don't mind the grocery store so much, but I always have to make return trips because I always forget something - even with a specific list.
    Now that summer is here and the kids are home, I don't have that time to do my shopping alone so now I have 2 kids with me (one I can put in the cart, but the other who is curious and wants to pick up everything "junk" he can. Many times I go right after I leave the gym (24 hour grocery - Kroger) and it's nice to shop there, pretty much alone :-)

  4. BTW...what a cute photo of you and your father! he's handsome!

  5. Is Peapod like Fresh Direct? So many of my friends in NYC did that and I always felt like it was a little bit too posh for me as a poor grad student, haha...never mind the fact that I like to pick out my own produce. I always loved Trader Joe's when I lived in New York, not too expensive and really fun to shop there! I wish we had one, maybe you do in your area?

  6. I know, and I think modern grocery stores are so depressing! So huge and filled with way too much processed junk.

    I'll check out your Sunday Currently now, good to have you back too!

  7. Oh yes, quiet and empty grocery stores are the best! And I always forget things too. Or just one thing, which is the most frustrating! In New York, that was never a big deal because I could run down to the corner bodega, but here, it's a 10 minute drive. Usually I just try to improvise, or wait until the next shopping trip to get what I missed :)

  8. That photo is so sweet! The Hudson River makes me so happy, and now that my sister has moved to Westchester I will get so much more quality time along the riverside! What a beautiful area. :)

  9. Oh you're so lucky, I went to grad school in Westchester and it's so beautiful! I just love that whole dream is to one day live in the Hudson Valley.


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