Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jar of Buttons

What do you do with those little plastic envelopes of extra buttons that come attached to some pieces of clothing? I've always saved them, for years, in the off-chance I would need a replacement button for a favorite top or skirt. I used to keep them in the little envelopes and I gathered quite a few of them over time.

I came to realize, however, that I very rarely went searching through my stash for a replacement button, and they were taking up quite a bit of space just sitting in those plastic envelopes. I've found that it's much more common for a button to come loose than for it to become lost entirely, so I never really needed these extras. But I decided my buttons would make for an adorable little DIY decoration. I found this jar a few years ago for a dollar or two in a New York thrift shop, and ever since it's been home to my button collection.

I keep it on my windowsill next to a few other small jars and vases. It's simple, but I love it! Buttons can be art, right?


  1. Such a fun idea! I'm always afraid to throw away those extra buttons, just in case. This is a great way to keep them around and not feel guilty for throwing them out.

  2. This is so funny; over the weekend, I decided to go through my stash of spare buttons (probably about a decade's worth!) and took them all out of their envelopes! They are currently in a decorative box, waiting to be used for practical or crafty purposes.

  3. I know, they take up less space this way and they look so cute in a jar, so why not keep them? It's fun to add to the collection, I'm sure this jar will be full someday!

  4. That IS so funny! What a coincidence. I hope you find a fun use for them, buttons are so cute and you must have quite a variety at this point!

  5. What a great idea! I just tossed a few I found in my closet, but I wish I kept them since this is such a cute way to display.

  6. Oh bummer! I guess you could always buy some buttons, but I'm sure you'll collect some more over time. Start saving! :)


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