Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Colorful Flavorful Freshness

I've been really loving our local farmer's market lately and feeling so grateful for all of the nutritious, colorful, flavorful freshness we've been putting into our bodies as a result. When I moved here one year ago from New York, I was thrilled to find out that there was a farmer's market in our tiny town. Food is important to me and, in my opinion, fresh and local is always the best way to go, if possible! 

During the winter months the market wasn't open so I've been eagerly anticipating its return, and I'm thrilled to say that it has grown since last year. I recognize some of the same farmers but there are new ones too, and there have been a greater variety of fruits and vegetables available. On Saturday there were blackberries, which I never saw last year, as well as local pecans (Alabama is famous for growing peanuts and pecans). My favorite new addition to the market, I think, are the gorgeous local eggs I've been finding. A few months ago, we discovered that the local health food store sells farm eggs, so we had been buying our eggs there, but it's more convenient to buy them straight from the farmers at the market. They've been terrific.

Local honey and homemade jam are always for sale too, and since my husband is a huge jam lover, (and because I haven't yet gotten up the nerve to brave the pectin and the pots and the boiling water myself) I bought him some strawberry rhubarb jam this morning. 

Do you love farmer's markets as much as I do? What is your local one like?

(Our farmer's market has colorful language, too! Only in the South.)                           


  1. Living in the south sounds like a dream! I'd love to try some of those pecans and jam.

  2. Well, to be quite honest, I'm a Northern gal through and through and don't really love living in the South. But I'm really glad to hear you say this, because I'm trying SO hard to appreciate the little things that are wonderful about this area and trying to make the most of everything. I'm glad that's coming across a little bit :)

  3. Love farmer's markets but I haven't had time to go on a weekend in awhile. In fact I hadn't even been shopping in awhile and I stopped by Trader Joes really fast on Sunday and went craaazzzyyyyy with the gorgeous produce. I bought so many heirloom tomatoes that we'll be eating tomato stuff for-e-ver. Or, until I accidentally let them go bad, haha!

  4. Oh I LOVE Trader Joe's!!! I miss it. I used to go to one in New York and it's seriously second best to the farmer's market. I made a tomato cobbler last night with heirloom tomatoes, email me if you'd like the recipe :)

  5. I love farmer's markets! Whenever I travel, I try to check out the local markets...makes me feel like I live wherever I'm visiting. Madrid has my favorite one of all time...just enormous and amazing :)


  6. I love my local farmer's market... although it is lacking descriptive language on its signage. I'll have to write a note for the suggestion box. :)

  7. Hey! My husband and I happened upon a documentary called, "Eating Alabama" last night on PBS. It was fascinating and since you're in Alabama right now maybe you'd find it interesting.

  8. Oh we will certainly try to track that down! Thanks Sarah!


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