Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Currently: Volume 20

This weekend has been all about cleaning, re-arranging, organizing, and freshening. I can't say I really like deep cleaning, but I do love nothing more than a truly clean and tidy house. And I'm feeling pleased with some of the re-arranging and re-vamping I've done. I thought I'd share some snapshots from around our house (sorry they aren't the best--I'm working on my photo skills and didn't have too much natural light today) before I move on to the Sunday Currently. 

I cleaned off a lot of the things on my desk, and added a mini gallery to the wall.

I love this tin pail and I thought it would be fun to use it for desk basics like scissors, a note pad, and pens.

I'm embarrassed to admit that this chair in our bedroom isn't always so neat--I'm guilty of sometimes throwing my clothes over it at the end of the day.

Our stone utensil jar was getting pretty crowded, so I whipped out this old oatmeal tin and separated out the wooden utensils from the metal/plastic. 

Instead of kicking off our shoes in the foyer, I bought this seven-dollar rug for the garage and have decided that we'll keep our shoes here instead.

This cute little lamp resides in our kitchen, and before it was transformed via a bottle of Catalina Mist, it was a boring brushed nickel. You should hide your lamps when I'm around.

Reading The Smart One by Jennifer Close. I just started it and it's pretty light, which is nice for summertime.

Writing lists and more lists! It's a weekend thing.

Listening to the washer and dryer whirling away.

Thinking and dreaming a lot lately about our future house (we have no plans or a timeline, but we do hope to buy our first home sooner rather than later). I'm just brimming over with thoughts and ideas!

Smelling a clean house--this lavender spray and this lemon polish to be specific.

Wishing I had a garden. Sometime in the future, I'm determined to grow my own vegetables and herbs and flowers, even though I don't think I naturally have a green thumb.

Hoping for some good weather this week. Yesterday morning I went to the farmer's market and it was so much more mild than usual and not too humid either, and my mood was noticeably brighter. I have reverse seasonal affective disorder I think!

Drinking a tall glass of water.

Wearing olive green skinny cords and a navy blue v-neck. And a light purple headband in my hair.

Loving my husband more every day. I could name the reasons but it would take me a long while, so let's just say that he's a pretty darn phenomenal husband.

Wanting to reward myself for all of the cleaning I've been doing with an afternoon of reading and a cup of tea and a homemade brownie.

Needing to scour two more rooms and then the whole house will be spic and span. Those can wait for tomorrow, though.

Feeling so excited for my little brother's visit this week for the Fourth of July! I can't wait to have him here!

Clicking on nothing--it hasn't been a computer day. But I'll be checking out all of the other Sunday Currently posts later!

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  1. I wish I had a garden. Nothing is Better Than fresh veggies.

  2. I love how you separated the wooden from the rest of your tools in the kitchen. I should do that because our crock is wildly overflowing!
    And you are wearing cords? Isn't it like Hades down there? It sure is here...

  3. I agree! The farmer's market is doing the trick in the meantime...

  4. Thanks Sarah, it really is a great feeling! Little changes feel fresh, and while the deep clean left me feeling sore, I'm loving how our home looks! Hope you've had a great weekend :)

  5. Thanks! I like it too! And yes, I know that probably sounds crazy that I'm wearing long pants haha.....but I knew I was going to be having an inside day and I'm usually chilly in the AC. That's such a curse, isn't it? Boiling hot outside, freezing inside. So I wear pants when I know I don't have to brave the heat :)

  6. I love all these little details. It's the small stuff that makes a house more like a home. Hooray for productivity!

  7. I love the simplicity of your organization. I try to do the same here in the house (as best I can w/ kids)

  8. Hey Kate, thanks for following me via Bloglovin'. I'm glad to have a new blog to read. How does the Sunday Currently blog posts work? Is it a link up?


  9. (I'm so behind but am getting caught up now - be prepared for a deluge of comments from me!)

    LOVE that lamp on your desk - it looks almost Tiffany! That style is so pretty. And good for you on the deep clean! I hate doing it too but it's SO satisfying once it's over :)

  10. It reminded me of a Tiffany lamp too! (It was actually much cheaper and I got it from Lowe's of all places :))

  11. So I'm coming back here to tell you I just cleaned up our kitchen, did a little rearranging and took one from your book about making the stone crock less busy. I separated the wooden into a mason jar and the spatulas into a tin. It's so lovely. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Oh aren't you sweet. I bet it looks adorable. I'm so glad you had good luck with this idea, and glad you came back to tell me about it!! That was really thoughtful of you :)


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