Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10 Things I Learned From My Mother

A few weeks ago, I read this sweet post on A Cup of Jo and it inspired me to write my own post of 10 things my mother has taught me (there are hundreds more, but I'll keep it at 10 for today). I think that mothers and daughters have a very special relationship--just look at this Mary Cassatt painting, and all the others she did of mothers and daughters together. Little girls learn so much from their mothers, often simply by watching them and spending time with them. 

So here's my list--what would be on yours?

Painting by Mary Cassatt / Image Source

When you're cooking, clean up the kitchen as you go and save yourself some headache after the meal.

Taking a hot bath is one of the best ways to relax. And baths are always better with a book.

Going to the bakery for bread, the butcher for meat, and the Greek imports store for olives is the most fun way to shop for food.

Staying home to raise your children is the best gift you can ever give them.

Learn to communicate well--keep in touch with people, follow up if they contact you--it's such a simple way to treat others with kindness and respect.

Money spent on books and music is money very well-spent.

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is a cinch (at least she always made it look that way!).

Clothes-shopping in a large mall is the least pleasant form of shopping (growing up, I didn't understand this; now, I completely, 100-percent agree).

Even if you haven't cooked a thing in two days, the stove may or may not be on every time you pull out of the driveway. Better to pull back in and check.

"Let go and let God"--when you're stressed, anxious, worried, overwhelmed, sad. Or call your mother-- she'll remind you to "let go and let God," and throw in some wonderful advice and love on the side.


  1. That Greek imports store had the BEST things, totally worth the 30-minute trip into the city :)

  2. After hosting thanksgiving for 5 years (this past year was the first I did not) it is a cinch. We normally had 20+ family members (including kids) and every year it got easier (also it helped that everyone brought something).
    I ALWAYS clean up the kitchen as I am cooking. Even do it on Thanksgiving :-)

    Your mom gave you some great tips!! She seems like a cool lady!!!!!

  3. She is a very cool lady! Yes, I do think that Thanksgiving must get easier with time. I also think planning makes a huge difference. I made Thanksgiving dinner this year, and while there were only 4 of us, I didn't find it too overwhelming because a lot of it was made ahead of time.

  4. These are fabulous life tips. I love my mommy :)

  5. Love the "Let go and let God" phrase/idea. I'm going to adopt that!
    I had to chuckle when I read about the stove being on because I have a paranoia about that. And, I totally agree that staying home to raise your kids is the best gift you can give them. This evening we went to the gym and dropped my little one off at the nursery there. She cried and within a moment adapted. As I ran loops around the track I could look down through windows and seeing her playing next to other kids, but really on her own, just kind of wandering around. All this to say that I wondered if she wondered where I was. So thankful I don't have to drop her off at daycare everyday. Do you have a favorite Mary Cassat painting?

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  7. I know, I think that dropping your baby off every day would be the hardest thing in the world. But it's great that you can get some exercise at your gym and know that your baby will be safe and close by!

    Here's my favorite Mary Cassatt:


  8. This is just lovely. There is nothing that can replace the relationship between a mother and her children!


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