Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Story of My Life

Today I'm linking up with Jenni for her Blog Every Day in May challenge. She has given prompts for each day and while I don't necessarily plan to follow every one, or blog every single day, I'll join in for the prompts I really love. Today's prompt is to share the story of your life in 250 words.

The second-born child, given life on a day in early June by a husband and wife who are still in love, almost 25 years later.

A little sister from the start, a big sister (and little "mother" to my baby brother) 6 years later. Still remembering what I wore to school on the day he was born.

An over-thinker, a worrier, a too-conscientious little girl who said "I think, Mom, I think" after everything, for fear of telling an untruth.

Feminine always. Playing dress-up with skirts on my head gave me the long, flowing locks I thought were beautiful. Eccentric, I know.

The quiet to my brothers' noise, the caution to their risks and stumbles and falls. 

Lover of books, player of music, friend to individuals, not groups. Interested in school, serious to a fault.

Traveler throughout high school, to Mexico, Peru, Austria, Germany, France. A lucky girl.

A freshman at a Catholic university in the Midwest, hopeful and eager, ready.

A student, working long and hard, a pianist, dedicated and inspired, a friend, in relationships both easy and hard. Growing in knowledge, in faith, in understanding, in experience.

A girlfriend to the man who made me laugh, the one I met just weeks after freshman orientation ended. It took a few months after that meeting--once an over-thinker, always an over-thinker--but when we stood together looking out at the lake in January and he said that he would very much like it if I would be his girlfriend, I knew I wanted nothing more.

A fiancée to the same man four and a half years later, the one I knew I couldn't be without.

A long-distance lover, when some days were ok and others were wrenchingly hard. A believer, then and now, that we did the right thing. In the years to come we will never regret the time I spent immersed in the study of my music, and the time he spent flying helicopters and serving his country.

A bride, at last, on a snowy winters day in December, my heart warming me from the inside out.

A wife, trying each day to become a godly one, hopeful for the day I become a mother and fulfill my true calling in this life.


  1. Love that last picture of you two! :)

  2. Thanks! It was taken at the reception we had at a rooftop bar after my final Masters degree solo recital. I was SO relieved and happy in this photo!

  3. What a wonderful story. What a beautiful couple you and your husband are!!
    That is great that you had an opportunity to do lots of traveling in your childhood. Also, I love that you gave the shout out to your folks for still being very much in love! My parents got married 2 weeks out of high school (crazy, I know) in 1974 and still together and very much in love to this day. My husbands parents have been together since 8th grade (on and off in high school/college) but managed to be together again after college. It's truly inspirational and has been an example for us.

  4. I love you story and love that your parents are still together . . I've read so many posts today where the parents were not. . I think its darling that you know what you were wearing the day your little brother was born.

  5. Thank you so much :) Having parents who are still together and happily so is SUCH a blessing. My in-laws are too, and I feel thankful for that as well. How cute that your parents married right out of high school! It's not crazy if it worked so well, right? :) Definitely amazing to have parents to be a good example, as you say.

  6. Thanks Priscilla! I definitely don't take it for granted, I'm so thankful!

    I was wearing pink Osh Kosh B'Gosh overalls :)

  7. Love these pictures. You are so happy in this last picture! I love how you tell your love story. :)

  8. This is so lovely, Kate! I love how you've integrated your relationships with others as part of who you are. Those connections really do matter so much, and you give such a beautiful impression of your network of loved ones. :)

  9. Thank you Tina, that's sweet of you :) In that last picture I had just finished my last Masters degree recital, so I was not only happy but thrilled and relieved!

  10. Thanks Sarah, I love this comment. You have a beautiful way of wording things. I didn't realize that so many of the things I wrote about revolved around the people in my life--I'm a lucky gal!


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