Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring Lamb with White Beans

"This dish, to me, is an ideal marriage of rustic and elegant. Rustic, because of the earthiness of the lamb and the rosemary, and the savory richness of the juices that infuse the beans. Elegant because of the perfect balance in flavors, the softness and delicacy of the tiny white cannellinis. I can imagine this roast in the homes of ancient Greek peasants, just as I can imagine it at the banquets and feasts of their rulers. Deliciously simple, yet somehow exquisite...."

Click over to the Happy Wives Club to read the rest of this post, and for the recipe!


  1. Kate, even when you're just describing a dish or giving recipe directions, your writing is so elegant. I see grat things in your future!

    Laura Pearl @

  2. Mrs. Pearl, that's such a kind comment and quite timely. I've been feeling worried about my professional "future" lately and your reassuring words made me smile :)


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