Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Currently: Volume 17

I got a sweet request recently from a family friend and new reader to do a post on my favorite blogs and daily reads, so when I noticed that today's Blog Every Day in May prompt was to write about five favorite blogs, I thought it would be a perfect way to accomplish two things at once. But as I was trying to figure out which five blogs to pick I realized that picking only five is too hard! I'll dedicate a post to my favorite blogs later in the week, and for now I'll stick to the Sunday Currently.

Reading Bringing Up Bébé by Pamela Druckerman, still. I'm almost finished and my mom and I have plans to start reading this together soon.

Writing this post, and a special email to our friends regarding my husband's 30th birthday this November. It's a big one, and I can't wait to celebrate it.

Listening to the hum of the AC.

Thinking about how neat some of the perks of small town-living are. Last night we went to our favorite local restaurant (the only really nice restaurant in our town) to celebrate a little blog milestone I reached. Whenever we go to The Rawls, the chef comes out to chat with us at least two or three times--about the menu, wine suggestions, how he prepared a certain dish. It's fascinating and makes the experience so personalized and fun! He chats with all of the tables, but at this point he knows us a little bit, and we enjoy catching up with him each time we go there.

Smelling the hand cream I just put on.

Wishing away the heat and humidity. Please, let's just have a nice, mild summer!

Hoping to see my brother, who is in Atlanta for the summer, really soon!

Wearing white pants and a grey long-sleeved shirt.

Drinking a tall glass of water.

Loving the incredible meal we had last night. Fried green tomatoes with lump crab, foie gras (which both of us had never been daring enough to try before), seared scallops and filet mignon. And cheese for dessert. It was divine, every bit of it.

Wanting to go back to Napa Valley. We were reminiscing about it yesterday and I just can't wait to visit it again. One great thing (among many) about taking a honeymoon in the U.S. is that it can realistically become a place you visit again and again. I think that would be more difficult if your honeymoon was in, say, Thailand!

Needing to make some lunch!

Feeling happy and young (even though I have a birthday coming up--my 25th!).

Clicking on lots of sites trying to find a dress for a family wedding this fall in Newport. Anyone have suggestions on where to look?

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  1. Love Peonies! They are my favorite. My husband has a post-it in his wallet as a reminder that those are my fav!

    While Annapolis, MD isn't really "small town" we miss some of our local favorite restaurants. Here in Blacksburg, where it is "small town," it's mostly just college restaurants which means hamburgers, pizza and greasy grub - which when you are 18-22 that's fine but now that I'm 31 and very conscious of what I eat, I choose to prepare my own meals instead of eating out.

  2. Oh, those peonies make me so happy! They are without question my favorite flower. Your meal sounds amazing. That's so nice to have a connection with the chef and for him to know who you are. It adds a little something special to the experience. :)

  3. How cute is that post-it idea?? I love it. So sweet.

    So many of the restaurants in our area are unappealing, but this restaurant is a true diamond in the rough. The chef worked at Cafe Boulud in NYC before coming back to AL (where he grew up) to raise his family, and the food is nothing short of spectacular every time. I hope you can find a place or two like this in your town, for special occasions :)

  4. I'm so glad! I was in the mood to share a simple, pretty photo and this one did the trick. I adore peonies too. My wedding bouquet was all garden roses, which always remind me of peonies. I love flowers like these that are more "free form" and rustic.

  5. oh my goodness what a dinner! I love all of those things, but I have to admit if I had them all in one meal I'd be uncomfortable today - though that probably wouldn't stop me from ordering them if I could! (except maybe the fried green tomatoes, which I've never had...) happy milestone!

  6. Oh, the humidity is horrible, isn't it? I just want some mild weather, too! We have always wanted to go to Napa. You are right about realistically getting back to your honeymoon spot. We always talk about heading back to Costa Rica, but it's a big trip. Unlike jetting on a plane to California. So true!

  7. Oh, the portions were really manageable, so it totally sounds richer than it was! My husband and I have a rule in restaurants where we split an appetizer or two (the fried green tomatoes and foie gras) and one entree (the "surf and turf" scallops and filet mignon). And this restaurant serves delicate portion sizes as it is. The flavors, though, were certainly decadent!

    The fried green tomatoes are a Southern specialty--they are so delicious when done right.

  8. So horrible. We went on a walk this morning and it felt like soup out there. And it's going to get worse!!

    You should definitely plan a trip to Napa! I have a feeling you'd love it. It's stunningly beautiful, the food and wine are top notch, and it's such a relaxed environment.

    Costa Rica is on my list for someday :)

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  10. We definitely have "our" places in MD. We will be there Jun19-Jul4 (I'm in a wedding) and I know we are going to go to a few of our favorites.

    We have 2 favorites here, but it's not like "fabulous" foods.

    Hope you have a great week!


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