Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Old Project, New Home

In the few years (!) that I've been blogging I've published my fair share of DIY posts. These posts have been some of my favorites to write up. One of my girlfriends recently asked how I find the energy for the projects I do (she was looking at this as she said it) and I surprised myself by answering that on the contrary, creating things gives me energy. I wasn't expecting that response to come out of my mouth but it's actually spot on. Making things lends me creative energy.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to show you where some of my past projects ended up in our new home. Shall we take a little tour? 

My hanging bird mirror has found a lovely little home on this tiny rectangle of wall in our hallway. There was no question this is where it belonged and we didn't try it anywhere else!

When it's not showing off and making our cheeses look good, this copper and lucite tray hangs out with the rest of our tray collection in a corner of the kitchen.

Our painted leather trunk was made for this little nook, I think. It helps to disguise the odd faux fireplace in our living room and I love the masculine bulkiness it adds to the room. It's also one of the first things you see when walking in the front door.

This project sometimes leaves our visitors a little puzzled, but when I tell them the story of this family ice pick and why it's so special, I think they understand why I framed it. (I think.)

This is quite a throwback project--it might have even been my first DIY post. I still get compliments on these homemade tile coasters and the black and white is so classic I'm sure I won't get sick of them. 

I finally got all six of my Cook's Illustrated drawings on the wall! These drawings make a huge impact lined up in a grid like this and I love telling people where they came from (snatched from the back cover of a magazine and saved from their usual recycled fate!).

It's fun seeing how these projects have fit into a new space and layout and just how perfect they feel in our current home. I really believe that if you love everything you fill your home with, no matter how eclectic the styles may be, it will all look great together. And it will be "you."

Have any of your DIYs found new homes recently? I think even shifting things around within your home is a great way to bring freshness to your living space!


  1. These look gorgeous! It's so neat to see how you're rearranging things from your old home in the new, and even better when it's projects you've made yourself!

  2. Thanks Tess! I must say, these homemade projects sure do make our home feel cozy and familiar. :)


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