Monday, August 18, 2014

To Try: Orange Lipstick

It's only August and the days are still hot, but in the early morning hours I've been getting a small taste of fall. I live for these cool, crisp mornings and they make me eager for cool, crisp days, the kind where you need a sweater from dawn to dusk and you're the perfect temperature all day long.

With every season change I usually like to do/try/wear something new. This fall, I would love to try orange lipstick. Which I realize sounds like the most garish thing ever when I write it out, but just look at how striking and lovely this burnt orange lip color is!

Gorgeous, right? It's earthy yet glamorous, more subtle than red but more interesting than pink, and even a tad retro. I think I would wear this lipstick with a chunky cream-colored sweater, black skinny jeans, and these vintage leather booties I snagged for $12 last week.

Now to find the perfect shade! We live dangerously close to both an Ulta and a Sephora but I may try the drugstore first. (Revlon's Siren looks promising.)

Would you try orange lipstick? What are you itching to experiment with this fall?


  1. Those shoes look like they had a little help after you bought them... I wonder who fixed them up for you ; )

  2. i guess all those years in the military paid off...


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