Thursday, August 7, 2014

Turkish Brass Pepper Grinder

Don't you love it when you receive a gift that is just what you needed/wanted/have had your eye on for months? That's what happened with this gorgeous, brass Turkish pepper grinder we recently got as a housewarming gift, and there's a funny story to it too.

The first time I met one of my dear blog friends (turned in-real-life friend) was about a year ago over dinner, with her son (my husband's best friend), and my husband tagging along. Apparently--and I don't remember this, but knowing myself it doesn't surprise me--we got to talking about pepper grinders. When I got up to use the restroom, Mrs. Pearl (as she always will be to me, since I know her through her sons and I guess I'm old fashioned that way) leaned over to my husband and said she had a beautiful, Turkish pepper grinder that she thought I would like. Her husband is a pilot and used to fly regularly to Istanbul and brought these beauties back as presents, and she said that whenever we did our big move she wanted us to have it as a housewarming gift.

I've had "vintage pepper grinder" on my to-look-for list for the longest time, but whenever I hopped on eBay and found one I might be interested in my husband came up with an excuse why it wasn't quite right, keep looking. Of course he knew about this impending gift and didn't want me to ruin the surprise!

Well I was surprised and that I "like" it is an understatement. This pepper grinder is so perfect and special and just the sort of thing I had been searching for. I wanted one that was heavy duty and ground pepper really well but was also easy on the eyes so I could keep it next to the stove. And the uniqueness factor is right up my alley! Have you ever seen something so functional yet so pretty?

Anyway, I just love it, and the story that goes with it, and the people it reminds me of. Grinding pepper has been such a pleasure these days!


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