Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We're On The Map

I guess I'm still not quite used to living in a place that's "on the map," so to speak. I still think of Charlottesville as a hidden gem, a near-perfect combination of small town and bustling city, a place most people wouldn't necessarily think to live in but almost anybody would want to live in, if they only knew how awesome it is. Does that make sense?

So when I saw this Design Sponge post on things to do in Charlottesville I was surprised/excited in the way you'd be surprised/excited to see your name show up in the local paper. Other people--hip Brooklynites no less--know about/care about/have interest in Charlottesville?! I know that this viewpoint doesn't make sense because it's a college town, it's quite a good-sized little city, it's only 2.5 hours from D.C., it's become a huge destination wedding locale, the Blue Ridge Mountains are a big draw, and Dave Matthews is from here. People know about Charlottesville, Kate!

I suppose you could say I'm the opposite of jaded when it comes to our new town. I'm pretty proud of it, and it makes me proud that Design Sponge thinks CVille is worthy of its pages.

Anyway, I'm slowly coming up with my own list of "must do" things in the area and my brother's visit last week was a great chance to explore. One of the highlights was a trip to Castle Hill Cider. The drive alone, through fields and cow pastures and mountains and old estates, was worth it, and it was fascinating to learn about the cider-making process and we enjoyed our walk around the beautiful grounds. (These shots were captured by my brother, obviously!)

It was a more-October-than-August kind of afternoon--cool and apple-filled--and I'm sure we'll be back at least once more this fall.

I'm grateful to live in a place that's well-known but at the same time feels so much like a hidden gem, to me anyway. Best of both worlds?


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I love the sound of your town! Now I want to visit!:) I would love to visit DC some day too!

  2. It's an awesome town, and you should absolutely visit!

  3. DELICIOUS :) Really fresh tasting!


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