Tuesday, July 29, 2014

DIY Large Scale Photo Art

I've found that while my design and decor style definitely leans traditional in some ways, I also like making dramatic statements in my home. Not in a hot-pink-chairs, super-modern-art, bright-turquoise-walls kind of way, but in the sense that I don't shy away from a good dose of unusual, quirky, eclectic, or even daring when it comes to how I put together our home. My funky ideas don't always work (I have a post coming later in the week about a paint color that didn't at all turn out the way I thought it would i.e., it looked terrible) but when they do work, I always feel so happy that I made the less typical choice and went with something a little more interesting and unique.

Anyway, for the longest time I've been trying to figure out how to display our wedding photos in our home. This is an area where I don't lean traditional at all. I don't love the idea of leaning framed wedding photos on a mantle, or putting together a multi-photo collage, or hanging several together on a wall. There's absolutely no problem with this approach and it can look very beautiful but it doesn't feel "me." I knew I wanted to put at least one of our favorite wedding photos in our home but I wanted to do it in a way that was a little more bold and modern.

When I came across this post on blueprint-sized black and white family photos something clicked. So dramatic! So elegant and unique. The more I thought about framing just one, poster-sized photo of us nestled under the dome of the cathedral ceiling (as opposed to framing several smaller photos) the more I fell in love with the idea.

I had the photo made at an Office Depot and asked for it to be printed as a blueprint. It's incredibly inexpensive--I think it cost less than three dollars. It's printed on regular paper, not glossy, and the resolution isn't as pristine as it would be if you sent it off to be professionally printed on photo paper (although it is quite clear). That was part of the charm for me though--I wanted it to look just a touch faded and fuzzy, like a vintage photo would.

I framed it in a really basic poster frame and it's currently leaning up against a wall in our living room. I'm not sure my husband likes or gets the leaning art thing but I'm really into this look lately. To me it makes artwork look casual and effortless and spontaneous, and it's just a bit unexpected (for my husband, that makes it weird; to me, that makes it cool!).

I've really enjoyed how this project turned out. It's certainly bold but taking design risks and going with your instincts are what make a home special and personal. What do you think? Too mod or do you love it too?

p.s. Yes, I hung our gallery wall! Sneak peek above and more to come soon (once my brother can capture some photos for me).


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