Monday, April 7, 2014

Illustrated Quotes

Here's something light-hearted to start the week out! I stumbled upon these illustrated quotations by designer Ryan McArthur and I think they're quite clever and fun. My favorite is this first one.

I think this one below would make for some cute office decor, matted and framed in white.

And I think that last one is really sweet! What do you think of this quirky artwork?


  1. So cool. I think my favorite is "The beautiful attracts the beautiful." I could see these in a really nice office building lobby or something. It's great!

  2. We have the same favorite! Aren't they sweet? They would be perfect in an office setting, agreed.

  3. oh I like those! I want to get he Edison one for Jon's office :)

  4. That's another favorite of mine. So simple and I love the design.


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